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    Sartana- A man with gunsight eyes comes to kill


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    Sartana- A man with gunsight eyes comes to kill

    Post by Hawk on Sun Aug 09, 2015 1:44 am

    Name: Sartana
    Class: Choas
    Sub-Class: ???
    Age: 26
    Gender: Male
    Profession:  Soldier, lover, traveler
    Orientation: Straight
    Social: 7
    Might: 2
    Stealth: 0
    Arcana: 0
    Endurance: 3
    Agility: 6
    Speed: 8
    Accuracy: 6

    War gear:
    Sartana’s first love, his colt single-action army, performs all sorts of tricks with it while bored on in the heat of battle. He keeps in a holster on his right side and can draw it like lighting. On the front of his pants he wears a Browning Hi-Power, and on the left is an eight inch K-bar combat knife. He carries his spare ammo and anything else he’s decided to carry along in a little bag that he tosses over his shoulder.
    Seasoned hand to hand fighter, well trained in grappling, and uses his skill and techniques to overpower physically stronger enemies. He fights for both sport and survival and is always seeking new people to roll with, but in this world such people are few and far between      


    Sartana sports a white shirt loosely tucked under the belt of his pant. The pants themselves have a camouflage pattern and, like almost everything else he owns, are well-worn. They are tucked tightly into Sartana’s leather boots. Strong, and well fitted, best boats any man could ask for. Speed, weight, style. These boots have it all and have been all around. Not to mention they have spurs that jingle jangle jingle as he walks. He wears a long oilskin duster over with a nice little red scarf tied neatly around the neck. To top everything off, he wears a slouch hat which he takes off when indoors or speaking to ladies. Light brown wavy hair poked out from just under the hat. Playful blue eyes dance with glints of mischief while below a cheshire smile plays on his lips.  

    Care free

    Self destructive
    Slightly sinister    

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    Single action army
    Browning HI-Power
    K-bar Combat knife
    Boots, Duster, Spurs, Scarf, Button up shirt
    Water bottle, dog tags, walkman, personal Mix tape
    Can of beans, Can of dog food, 36 .45, 53 9mm, 3 magazines (9mm)

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