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    NPC Contacts


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    NPC Contacts

    Post by ★Yuki~♪ on Thu May 21, 2015 9:11 pm

    Ayame Furakawa

    "A young maid who worked with the other slaves at Castle Vikuur. She was nearly assassinated by Shadows in the dungeons of the Castle but was saved by Airgetlam and her strange companion. She has tried to assist the party in any way possible but due to her clumsy and shy demeanor she often ends up in more trouble than she is helpful. Regardless she holds her head high and does her best.

    She has been reunited with her family since the Castle incident and now acts as a source of Information for the Party."


    "A mysterious woman, previously thought to be from the east. She revealed herself to be an investigator working for the Traders Guild, but has been missing since the Castle incident. She was treated in Castle Vikuur after being ambushed by the castle's undead Servants and in exchange has offered the party Information and her Combat Experience.

    She displayed a clear understanding and execution of Swordsmanship, being able to fight multiple opponents despite being injured and outnumbered. She also seems to be able to shift her appearance to a degree, whether that be a biological or illusionary change. She appears to be mute, unable to speak, but documents from another investigator in town suggest otherwise."


    "A young girl who has very few defining features past her brilliant red eyes. The group first encountered her at the festival, and shortly thereafter rescued her along many others from Vikuur Castle.

    She tends to keep to herself, choosing only to voice herself if she feels it's completely necessary, and finds it difficult to stay in one place for long. Her flexibility and agility allow her to maneuver tight spaces and climb up difficult terrain with ease and she displays a great charm on common street-folk."


    "A very strange and quirky girl Jian met at the docks. She has since, or maybe even prior to, taken to occasionally and randomly appearing practically out of thin air, helping the Party out or directing them in the right direction. She's a bit secretive about herself, but seems very open to helping others if there are any interesting aspects about the subject.

    She tends to think ahead of her words or even get lost in thoughts but possesses a seemingly endless arsenal of magical spells ranging anywhere from Invisibility, Flight, Phasing through objects and shape-shifting. She appears to perform this magic without drawing on many resources, either by circumventing most of Protraction's rules or the practice all together. She seems to have to write her spells physically into the air before being able to cast them."


    "A young and innocent man who has started his way down a dark and treacherous path. First met in the hidden sewers where the Black Market dealers keep their stash, the man has helped out where he could, even in risk of his own position and even life. His heart is in the right place, but his mind seems to be unable to make the right decisions. 

    His morals and actions speak of his good will but he was fast to pass down Sharpe's offer of finding proper work. Despite Sharpe's warning he decided to stay with the Black Market dealers as a new recruit, spending most of his time organizing goods and running small errands for contacts."


    "As the leader of a recent alliance between two rivaling gangs tosh spends his days at a local Inn in Recudor City where he interviews contacts and sends his officers on missions all the while recruiting for new recruits. 

    The alliance has been growing rapidly in popularity by street rats and the homeless and recent rumors have placed both gangs under the same roof as the Eastern Imperials who not too long ago have sent their contacts and spies onto the continent in search for high value targets escaped as refugees."

    Anna Tureosi

    "Initially only heard of in whispers and rumors of the more shady people in town, this indeed quite real individual has appeared all throughout the city from time to time. She seems mostly focused on her own goals, all of which are to date unknown. 

    Occasionally she will make contact with curious characters that catch her interest upon which she offers them a little black book. The reason or use of the enchanted book is unknown, save that whatever words written appear in the copies of the book, but usually the receiving contact is sent or compelled to executing a task of her willing before going on about their regular business, after which they are allowed to keep the book as a reward of some sorts."


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