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    FFMT System

    Post by ★Yuki~♪ on Sun Mar 22, 2015 9:46 pm

    The FFMT, or Fast Forwarding Menial Tasks, System is built around the idea that some tasks in the RP take up entirely too much time and players and staff alike would like to move on with the game and skip past most of the tiresome endless dialogue options and encounters necessary to go shopping, acquire goods or seek out information.

    The Process
    Whenever a group of people outside of a small Side quest are either looking to buy a bunch of things or gather a big amount of information quickly the GM will open a new topic in the sub-forum "FFMT Forum" with a name related to the situation. This will likely be something along the lines of "Recudor: Shopping at the Market day 5" or "Stock Pot Inn: Gathering Information on Kafei" or something similar to this.

    The players will go to this topic and regardless of turn order write down what exactly they are looking for. For example:
    Someone might be looking for information on black market dealers.
    Someone may be looking to buy a weapon or some clothing.
    Someone could have a list of general goods they need to buy.

    After everyone has posted, within 2 days of topic creation, the GM will  present the players with the options of what resources and items they would be able to buy at what price. Think of this as going to a store in any RPG. The players can choose whether they want any of the goods for any of the prices or would rather pass on the item and keep their savings for the time being.
    After everyone has once again replied to this topic within 1-2 days the GM will finalize a post in the Main Chat or related Side quest, detailing the situation, what items were bought by who and compile a list of information the group has managed to gather, from what npcs it would have come from and what kind of people they've met.

    After this posting continues in order and after the ordeal with some time having passed in the process.

    The Rules
    Since this may take up to 4 days which is double the time normally given for replies, there WILL be a penalty for skipping out, unless you have declared in the initial 2 days that you will not be gathering any information or doing any trading, or you message me or another moderator about it.
    The penalty is as followed; If you declare within the first 2 days that you wish to do so and so thing. Lets say for example you are purchasing a brand new shiny dagger, and then you fail to make a choice or back out of trading without messaging any of the staff, then an "Unfortunate Incident" may or may not occur. Such as; "<Character> is lost in the decision between two daggers and doesn't notice someone pickpocketing them. When they finally notice they leave the store angry that # amount of coinage is missing." or similar.

    You do not have to worry about posting order for these topics as they just need to get done as fast as possible. If you have problems making a decision on what your character will do during this time you can either back out/skip or message me or another moderator.

    The Exception
    During smaller Side quests the interaction with NPCs sometimes can be important for the related quest so it may play out like normal without the fast forwarding. However bigger Side quests (like if the group is split up during the same quest) will still be subject to FFMT.

    As well if there will be the chance on some important event then FFMT will not be taking place, as otherwise the event would be skipped and content might be missed out. Naturally this means it is more than just a menial task.


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