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    "Airgetlam" Whyte


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    "Airgetlam" Whyte

    Post by Saint on Sun Dec 15, 2013 9:03 pm

    Name: Airgetlam Whyte
    Class: Shadow
    Sub-class: Infiltrator
    Age: 23
    Gender: Female
    Profession: Infiltrator, Procurement Specialist, numerous runner jobs.

    Social: 1
    Might: 3
    Stealth: 4
    Arcana: 2
    Endurance: 4
    Agility: 6
    Speed: 4
    Accuracy: 8


    Carries a crossbow with multitudes of ammunition, but it must be used with two hands. Can cycle between 3 shots, but then must be reloaded. Carries a Short Sword that gets sharper as more blood is spilled on it, does not know why the blade does so, suspect magic involved. Said blade is quite dull.

    Bolt types: Syringes filled with a muscle relaxant/Sleeping agent. Incendiary Bolts. Electrical bolts. Caustic Bolts. Explosive Bolts. All are very expensive in their own right. Can carry very few of each, so they must be used special circumstances. Carries a plethora of regular iron bolts.

    Has an old, salvaged, but highly-coveted Thermoptic Camouflage module, now partially damaged, being only usable for about one to two minutes before needing to recharged for some time, thus she uses it sparingly. Can mask shadows, but does not protect against physical impacts, both on the user and on the environment. Does not work well in very damp areas unless calibrated for such. Rain can make it easier to spot.


    Wears a long hooded cloak, which is black/dark grey. Does not reflect a lot of light. White sleeved dress with white thigh-highs for casual wear.Wears brown leather knee-high boots, and a flat grey set of cargo pants and a shirt for work. Has her short sword strapped to a holster on her hip. Crossbow is slung around back under cloak. Relies on her bandolier for holding space more than pockets, but has some pockets just in case.

    Long, Brown-black hair, pale skin, very beautiful, but chooses not to use her beauty to her advantage. Slim, but not skinny. Can call upon surprisingly large reserves of adrenaline when she needs it. Has a Mechanical left arm, but the arm is not a prosthesis or augmentation. She had it since a very young age. The arm is solid, it doesn't have any moving or exposed parts. Originally silver, years of stealth work has dulled it to a flat grey.

    -Very kind.
    -Very personable, can become cute once you get to know her.
    -Uses reason and logic, has a firm belief in science, but also believes in magic and metaphysics.
    -Very dedicated to what she believes in.
    -Very open.
    -Might have latent precognitive psychic or magical talent.

    -Very sensitive.
    -Does not like people treating others badly.
    -Doesn't like close-minded people nor people who denounce her beliefs or way of living.
    -Prone to depression.
    -Prone to headaches. Might have latent precognitive psychic or magical talent.


    Airgetlam was born with a Mechanical left arm, though it lacks the obvious signs such as servos, sprockets, gears, cogs, and various other parts. She got flak for it as a child, but as time passed, it became a dull topic to discuss. She does not know who her parents are, having never met them, but from a young age was fascinated by magic and science, but also by adventure. She does have some memories of figures and silhouettes but she never could make sense of them. She was taken in by a man later on who taught her how the ways of stealth, but also to combat. She found she could use her arm as a weapon, as the metal was much heavier and more powerful than a normal flesh-hand. The man became a father figure, introducing morals to her, and she developed a sense of virtue and morality. Namely, she doesn't steal and kills only when she needs to. Even then, she does not cross the line into gruesomeness. As she grew up, she became rather adept at a number of things. She eventually teamed up with a childhood friend of hers who had become a very prominent swordsman, but he left to join the military in Teyness. She absolved that it was time to set out and find her origin in the world, and her purpose in it's future.


    Frazil -Cautiously Friendly

    Nice but prone to calling this like it is, or reacting very negatively even when accidentally provoked rather than on purpose.

    RD - Friendly

    Seems to know Sharpe, generally has a happy outlook, but his rage is something that needs to be kept in check, lest he view us as enemies in his furor.

    Jian - Friendly

    Sees Jian as a friend she can talk to, albeit, wary because he seems to be perpetually anxious. She wishes she could work on her people skills to help him overcome whatever issues he has.

    Jack - Cautious

    He knows a lot about technology, an though he is a scholar, she is very wary of him since he has thus far tried to strong arm himself around Air within the party. Thinks of him perhaps a Glory-Seeker.

    Doc - Friendly

    He's nice enough, he's a doctor after all and he's normally bound to logic. She thinks he can rush to trying to cope with his losses in rash ways, but for the most part he's fine by her.

    Jericho - Cautious, mistrusting

    He may have good intentions, but he seems to have the trappings of well-meaning extremist who forsakes ethics in the pursuit of what he believes to be the greater good - which may do more harm than it would ever do good.

    Maigoyume - Curious

    He hasn't revealed much about himself, but he has revealed that he is at the very least trustworthy. She wishes he wasn't so quick to action though.

    Clarent - Curious, Protective

    She seemed awkward and hesitant, but she might be a bit nicer and more open if she talked more. She didn't get much of a chance to talk to her however. If she joins the party, Air's going to make it a point to get close to Clarent, as the only other female in the party.

    Sharpe - Brother

    Extremely trusting of Sharpe, sees him as her only true friend thus far, on account of knowing him prior. She would go to any length to keep him safe, and she knows his thought process. He's a bit more quiet that he used to be, but that doesn't mean he's not the same person. She wishes he had a better sense of not saying certain things in certain situations, as others in the party might take offense.


    Ayame - friendly

    She promised to help Airgetlam out, and she saved Ayame in the dungeon. Would gladly call her a friend in the future.

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