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    Combat Explained


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    Combat Explained

    Post by ★Yuki~♪ on Thu Feb 12, 2015 3:35 am


    1. Character Turn & Actions
    2. Skipping Turns
    3. Controlling NPC
    4. Checkmate

    During posting, combat can get very hectic and sometimes the Players won't know what they can and can't do and what's easy to get away with, or what would seem like abusing the system.
    This post will go over the basic guidelines of combat.

    1. Character Turn & Actions

    In combat, it's important to realize that your character isn't able to move or act with a thousand actions for a few seconds. In a metaphorical sense; "you're only human." meaning your character can't realistically do too many actions or take full advantage of every situation.

    Generally speaking your character can do more actions based on how fast they are, within reason.
    For example, if you play a really slow heavy character, chances are you won't be able to do all too much, but generally are rewarded in raw strength or stamina. On the contrary, if you're playing a very agile and nimble character you will likely be able to do a few things before your turn should start to come to an end. Though it is understandable that some may have troubles finding a healthy stopping point for their character to stop acting and give other characters and mobs a time to react. (With exception of special circumstances)

    Likewise if you find yourself in a situation where you are making a definite, strong action- say attempt to kill a mob, or block an incoming heavy attack or something wherein another character would need to be able to react, you may have to think about ending your post then and there.

    You might be thinking; "It's not good to have such a small post." and while I encourage you to think big, small posts during combat is perfectly fine. Sometimes you will just find yourself with only one single small action, but every action has an equal and opposite reaction, thus your enemies won't have much to react to and be forced to write small posts.

    2. Skipping Turns

    Should you find yourself having to skip a turn, whether you didn't post in time or have no idea what to post, or simply don't have the time to post, given the wrong kind of situation you will be subject to vulnerability. Usually the Game Master will come up with some reason or other why your character decided not to act in combat, sometimes with the help of the players. But unfortunately enemies can't simply ignore you when you are skipping a post during combat. Fortunately though, in normal circumstances another character can cover you, or at least you will never succumb to drastic injury let alone death.

    3. Controlling NPC

    Needless to say, NPC should be controlled as little as possible during combat especially.
    Chances are whatever you have in mind for an NPC is not what the game master has planned or something that aligns with the NPCs thought process and personality.

    Just like mentioned in the above sections, if a definite action including an NPC or another Player occurs, the post should in most cases be ended then and there, to give the NPCs enough time to make their own decisions. Whether they fall into traps, jukes, or other maneuvers should be based on how well you act out your character during combat, not on deciding that it will be so.

    4. Checkmate

    Combat has to come to an inevitable end eventually. Should the characters push enemies into an inescapable situation, or the enemies fall prey to said situation for one reason or another, they will be offered a Checkmate sentence.
    This sentence gives any player the right to remove the combatant out of play for the remainder of a fight, or permanently.
    The Checkmate sentence alongside the appropriate mob will be revealed by the Game Master during combat when it is their turn to act.

    (As a note; Needless to say, this rule has been introduced after Arc 1, so any previous battles are not affected by this change. However, every future battle will be decided with this system.


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