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    Info on Known Factions


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    Info on Known Factions

    Post by ★Yuki~♪ on Sun Jan 25, 2015 6:59 pm

    Over the course of time many factions as well as social and religious groups have come together, all throughout the continent of Glayp'nier. Some have the best in mind, while others goal is nothing but mischief and there is a wide array of practically every "in-between" imaginable.

    Working together, these factions aim to complete their common goal and support one another through whichever challenges are in their path, whether good or bad. Although some factions would rather remain hidden, pursuing their beliefs and wants outside of the view of observing eyes.

    Many factions have sprung up all across the continent and even beyond. Here you will be able to find any information regarding the factions the group may have encountered or heard about.
    (Regular updates as the game progresses)

    The Royal Body
    Lead by the King and Queen and their Royal Adviser, the Royal Body contains the Royal Family, Royal Guard, and various smaller political groups, as well as the dukes and duchess', barons and baroness' of the land.
    Little more than a generalized group, reserved for only leading members of the continent, the Royal Body governs most of Glayp'nier and its outlaying islands. They are the ruling force of most cities and areas and act as the guiding force of the people on Glayp'nier.
    The bloodline of the Royal Family is said to contain the powers of the gods, with the King being the medium of those gods. Though unconfirmed, the Royal Family has passed its duties along strictly within the family for generations, never once failing to produce a worthy heir to the throne, who is selected by the gods to be King past his father and rule the continent.

    Teyness Military Colony
    Initially a band of thousands of Mercenaries, the Teyness Military Colony has grown into the single biggest military force on the continent. Instated and absorbed by the Royal Body, they now act as a military and police force to protect the continent from all kinds of dangers, and sometimes conduct special exersizes in and around the continent.
    As of the late few years, the Teyness Military has been at war with the Pagan Resistance, dubbed so by the Royal Body and military officials.
    Though initially varied, the religious beliefs of Teyness have over time converted to the same values and belifs the Royal Body holds, following the same gods and religion.

    The Pagan Resistance
    Non-believers, cultists , devil worshippers and criminals, come together to form a paramilitary group against the Royal Body and the Teyness Military.
    Often confused for a group of crazed bandits and sekts, the Pagan Resistance has taken over numberous cities around the continent, building their army slowly and steadily.
    After a great war they were beaten back by the Teyness Military and have since been dormant, keeping to their own cities and regions, though tension is still high and reports of numerous occasional assaults still come in from time to time.

    The League of Assassins
    Nothing more than a rumor, the League of Assassins are supposed to be a group of legendary assassins that roam the continent strategically taking out targets. Many unsolved murders are blamed on this rumor and some bandits will claim to be part of the League of Assassins, though this has so far always proven to be either a hoax or some cry for attention.
    No evidence of any real League of Assassins existence has ever come to light, and occasional investigations always lead back to the rumor being nothing more than scary tales and scapegoats.

    Harvest Community Party
    With most of their members being farmers and traders from Na'hog, the Party's goal is to create a self sufficient Country, that doesn't have to rely on the other guilds and the Royal Body for support in life.
    There have been political tensions between the HCP and the Trader's Guild in recudor for a long time, as the both rely on one another for trade and survival. Supposedly the HCP is in a conflict even with the local Farmer's Guild and the Royal Body.
    Religions here vary many and few between.

    Recudor's Trader's Guild
    The aim of the Guild is capital and trade. Containing the majority of Traders, Merchants and Caravans across all of the continent, it is the biggest guild to date, spanning thousands upon thousands of members and subdivisions.
    With only profit in mind, the Trader's Guild tries its best to keep the trade going, even going so far as to send out expeditions to foreign lands and set up trade routes.
    The Trader's Guild has been the main medium between "the East" and Glayp'nier.
    Religious groups are not a concern to the Trader's Guild, as their purpose is simply to work together and sustain a growing economy.

    The Crimson Claw
    A notorious group of outlaws and bandits, taking their origin from Na'hog. Initially the Crimson Claw started as a group of extremists, seeking to oppose the Royal Body and the Trader's Guild and protesting for the sake of better treatment and respect, and supplying a way for the peolpe of Na'hog to stand up against the government bodies.
    Their motives and beliefs have long since been scrambled, and the Crimson Claw mostly acts as a raiding party, occasionally raiding villages or stealing valuables from cities.
    They are relatively few, and they don't have much of a presence, though they have been growing in numbers as of late.

    The Recudor Underdogs
    Originally a high-society black market, the Recudor Underdogs, formally known as The Fine Print Society, have been making a living by selling illegal goods, services, and information in and around recudor, sometimes even selling guild secrets to other guilds.
    The reputation of the underground society has fallen since many years, and they act as a supplier for anything, to anyone who has enough money.
    The group has been loosing more and more members ever since the new Duke inherited Recudor when his father passed away. With the new laws and the militia making the prospect of legal acitivies over police raids seem like a good alternative to a dangerous lifestyle.
    Rumor has it the Recudor Underdogs and the Crimson Claw have formed an alliance, contrary to the Trader's and Farmer's Guilds conflicts with one another.

    The Recudor Militia
    A small group of local militants, the Recudor Militia acts as a guiding force for Mercenaries and want-to-be guardsmen. Handing out Bounties, supplying missions and keeping sanctioned parts of the city safe is their foremost concern and business.
    The group has been slowly growing, though occasional conflict with the Recudor Police and Guard keep them limited in terms of support.


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