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    Name: Sharpe
    Class: Chaos
    Sub-class: Ronin
    Age: 23
    Gender: Male
    Profession: Mercenary; wandering swordsman
    Orientation: Straight, but finds beauty in all people. Has an attraction to someone's soul more than a physical attraction.

    Social: 3
    Might: 7
    Stealth: 1
    Arcane: 0
    Endurance: 6
    Agility: 4
    Speed: 6
    Acurracy: 5


    Sharpe uses a decent array of weapons to fight, but his typical weapons include a Katana with a mono-molecular edge, created via scientific and industrial processes. The Sword is ludicrously sharp, but it must undergo sharpening with a special whet stone frequently. For Ranged, Sharpe carries a Semi-automatic heavy pistol of unknown make and origin, but is not magical in nature either. The pistol fires bullets. It can hold 10 Rounds before having to reload. Sharpe used to carry a Bolt-action rifle with a 10-round cartridge, similar in style to a Mosin-Nagant, but has since lost it. It likely resides in a Teyness armory. Sharpe carries a large, 12-inch dagger dubbed "Straight Silver" that he uses for close encounters, but only then. Can be used as a bayonet, but he prefers to use it in his hands for more control.

    Carries standard exploration gear. Carries a lone tube of RDX Explosives, however he only has the one tube and doesn't entirely know how it's supposed to be used. He was only told how it worked once, and he might have forgotten some of the details. Has the power of a block of C4 Explosives.

    Dislikes double-edged blades. Values his sword over any other weapon. Martial Artist, but hasn't practiced it in a while, so he is rusty.


    Tall at 5 feet, 10 inches, Sharpe is not bulky, but lean and taught. His hair is jet-black, but it has a brown sheen when viewed from a certain angle and in the presence of light. Hazel Green eyes, in that they appear brown to most people, but when near water or in a moist or humid environment, his eyes turn an emerald green. Wears a black trench coat with Knee-high boots and very baggy pants with a large number of pockets. Wears a shirt underneath, but the shirt has interwoven pieces of boron-carbide ceramics. Owns a black, wide-brimmed desperado hat with a red feather and a pheasant feather on the left side (from his eyes). Occasionally wears it. Prefers to keep his coat's collar up. In his younger years, he could be mistaken for a girl because of his slim build and long hair, and slightly feminine face. He has a stubble, but if his face was shaved, he could pull off looking like a girl. Has a quirky ability to effect a multitude of accents and voices, and has acting and story-telling experience in the past.

    -Very knowledgeable in regards to history, literature and philosophy.
    -Cares a great deal about everyone, even if he does not like them.
    -Has a strong willpower - if he has his sights set on something, don't expect him to back down.
    -Merciful, in forgiveness and in death.
    -Honourable. Doesn't mean that it doesn't conflict with Reason.
    -Fair. Likes to see everyone treated equally and with equal chance.

    -Worries a lot.
    -Can be quick to action without thinking things through (autopilot)
    -Has a darker side where he will start to have fantasies and plots of revenge or retribution. Most prominent if something very close to his heart is taken away.
    -Does not cry easily, can appear as cold and distant in this regard, but it can be done if the event is traumatic enough.


    Sharpe comes from a town to the west of Teyness, near the border between Sensous and Dechant, on the Dechant side. He lived with his parents for most of his early life who were of middle class, his father being a blacksmith. He was a close friend of Airgetlam, and still retains that relationship today. Notably one of her only friends. He left at about 18 to join the military in Teyness, he was quick to climb the ranks until he became a part of an elite few, numbering roughly thirty strong, one of four parties vying for power in the Fortress-city. He left at age 22 when he got sick of the corruption that was starting to seep its way into their job, along with the games of power between the four groups. He wandered the land from then on as a Ronin, a masterless swordsman. He was a hyper-lethal vector, and soldier who has proven ludicrously deadly. They participated in the "Straylight Run", a clandestine operation against the Pagan Resistance. Sharpe searches for a purpose beyond visiting vindication against those who do wrong. He aims someday to return to Teyness and settle the issues regarding it's faction schism. he thinks that somewhere in the known world, and perhaps beyond the known world, is a way to reunify the fortress-city and strengthen their already impressive efficiency and prowess.

    Relations With Others:

    Airgetlam - Sibling

    He knew her way back in his hometown, and they were extremely close. Sharpe would trust her with his life. He would equally risk his for hers as well.

    Jack - Cautious

    Up until then he just thought of Jack as being a bit wacky and eccentric. Until he witnessed his other form, which has left Sharpe very suspicious of Jack's true intent and the fact that the man lied about his identity doesn't help. He is aware that there seems to be some respect from Jack about how Sharpe was in the military and how Jack's brother was in it too, but so far, that seems to just be respect by association.

    Doc - Respectful

    He knows Doc as being the other more level-headed man in the party, and values him as their mage. He thinks he can really confide in him, and would see him as his equal, leadership-wise. He thinks that Doc could stand to not let blind hate drive him, as it has landed him in hot water.

    Jian - Very Cautious

    Jian seems to be a broken soul to Sharpe, and he thinks the man could stand to get some help, but so far, he is regarded for being very people-oriented, something Sharpe can't really do unless it's planning and orders, similar to a command structure. He's shown to be very unstable and does not like Sharpe's approach to things. It's very likely the Jian has a disliking for the Military, which would come to no surprise considering what he knows of Jian's past so far.

    Update - Cautious

    Wants to patch things up, he tries to be careful with what he says.

    Maigoyume - Cautious, Need More Information

    Knows that Airgetlam trusts him, but Sharpe doesn't necessarily place a lot of trust in Mai as she does. He is aware he has extensive combat and stealth capabilities, if only via being told second-hand. Would like to get to know his abilities more.

    Clarent Aucoin - Curious, a bit protective, need more info

    Even though they did not strictly meet, Sharpe has seen Clarent before in Recudor, shortly before her abduction with her soul trap around her neck. He saw her spectating the tournament, but hasn't had any contact with her beyond that. He feels the need to mentor her and to be protective, like a big brother, but maybe something more. Thus far, he knows nothing of her personality, or if she's normally happy or normally depressed. Only time will tell.

    Update - Protective, still curious.

    Worries a lot about her, feels a bit of a connection, as if he seems to look up to him.

    Current Inventory:

    Pistol, caliber .44 magnum, gas-operated semi-automatic, 7 rounds per magazine.
    A silver-coated steel Warknife, 12 inch blade.
    Ammo count: 12 rounds, 2 magazines

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