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    Active Quest(s)


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    Active Quest(s)

    Post by ★Yuki~♪ on Fri Dec 12, 2014 5:41 pm

    Investigation: Low Society
    A local detective in recudor has made note of some shady associates of his.
    - Find out more information about the contacts.

    Bounty: Itzel Felix
    Itzel Felix is an Assassin posing as a Mercenary who does regular work in the city. 
    - Find and Subdue or Kill Itzel Felix
    - It turns out that the mercenary Feli has been Itzel Felix all along.

    Investigation: Inn Murder
    Mr. Trisperry was found murdered in an Inn.
    - Find out more information about the Murder.
    - Mr. Trisperry, apparently a private investigator, was murdered after investigating a few risky cases. By who is yet unknown.
    - Trisperry, a refugee from the east, has been working in the city as a detective. His involvement in the Castle Vikuur case, as well as shady dealings with the wrong people have put him in a bad situation. His last diary entry seems to suggest he was murdered by his, yet unnamed, colleague and lover.
    - A photo alongside a note, and the frail diary, left behind by the detective seems to suggest the last person he had met was either his colleague or Feli. Both of which are prime suspects for the murder.

    Investigation: Trade Secret
    Avelle Keil is shrouded in mysteries and guided by questionable convenience.
    - Find out more information about her and the Trading Guild.
    - Avelle Keil has plans of staying at the Duke's Castle for the week. The reasons are confidential and treated with extra precaution.

    Investigation: Quarantined
    The Central District has been closed off for Quarantine.
    - Find out more information about the strange happenings of the Quarantined area.
    - Most of Central District has been reopened with exception of the large school building and the impact zone.

    Investigation: Hidden Mob
    A mob of several gangs has come together to do business.
    - They are after one of the groups members. Find out more information about their dealings or hand over Jian for a reward.

    Bounty: Jian Manchu
    Jian Manchu has some unknown involvement with the conflict in the east. A group of bandits has put out a bounty for his head, dead or alive.
    - Turn Jian over to the Militia, dead or alive.

    Bounty: Bloodmoon Cultists
    A recently growing cult has been recruiting people for strange practices and rituals. The militia has asked for their capture or extermination.

    Investigation: Lolita Assassins
    The party's House has been attacked by mysterious Assassins in Gothic Attire. 
    - Find out more information about the Attack.
    - The Dolls were sent by an unknown master, supposedly looking for information regarding Nathan Trisperry's findings.
    - Aura has offered her assistance in tracking down the Doll's Master, in exchange for a body.

    Bounty: White Claw
    The mercenary markswoman Feli has invited the party on a hunt for the White Claw. She will only remain in the City for a week before moving on to Soiyam.
    - Find out more information on the White Claw and his whereabouts.
    - Days remaining: 5

    Investigation: Missing, Again

    Quest: Soul-Market Business

    Bounty: Wolves Den


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