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    ❄❄FRAZIL 2.0❄❄

    Post by DelaKayte on Wed Dec 03, 2014 8:40 pm

    Name Frazil
    Class Understanding
    Subclass Element Specialist


    Weapon / Ability Load-out

    Water/Ice Arcana
    Water/Ice Suit of Armor & Melee Weapon
    Regeneration over time via metabolizing food and/or water



    AT 5'3" (160cm) Frazil is a bit shorter than the average caucasian female, and tends toward the slightly curvy. Her voice is still "reminiscent of arctic wind through glass chimes" and to anyone with a really keen nose, she smells like the breeze coming off of a waterfall. She always wears her Eufiber catsuit except in the rare occasion that she must remove it for medical, or biological reasons. However; she is fond of wearing pretty clothing over it, when said clothing is available.

    Positive Personality Traits


    Negative Personality Traits


    Background Story

    Frazil is a "Superheroine" from an alternate earth. She doesn't speak much of her past, but it is known that she began life as a human. An event of some kind (she has mentioned a fall from great height but won't go much further into detail) caused what she calls an "eruption" that changed her form and gave her the power she wields.

    Yet another event sent her to this realm. Frazil describes it as some kind of dimensional anomaly, attributed to a "Villain" named "Shyft". (She has made her thought on the ridiculousness of that spelling abundantly clear.)
    It seems that the rules of Frazil's world differ from this one, and she is still learning how things work. One thing is for certain, it completely changed her powers and physiology, as well as the mechanics of her Eufiber suit. She is especially curious about magic and has said that it was nothing more than fiction where she came from.

    Modern Languages Spoken

    English, French, German, Spanish, Japanese, Korean, Chinese (Mandarin and Cantonese)


    Form fitting, black, hooded, Eufiber catsuit. (acts as a protraction weave storing heat and kinetic energy)
    Loose pants, semi-tight pullover shirt, long cut jacket with loose sleeves, pair of heavy boots

    2x Collapsible Spring Loaded Dagger w/ heavy Knuckle-guards, holstered on thighs.
    1 Pair of Carbon Steel Bracers

    WATERPROOF BACKPACK: BOX of 21 energy bars; duct tape; BAGS of 18 inch zip ties: 1x97 nylon, 1x100 plastic, 1x100 stainless steel; hand operated compression pump; PENS: 1 red, 1 blue, 1 black; JR LEGAL NOTEPADS: 1x50 pages, 1x50 pages; 2x Maintenance Kits for weaponry.

    WATER COMPRESSION TANK (Size- 2 Gal Capacity- 6 Gal): 6 gal
    (Fastened to the bottom of the backpack)

    Atsuko Samhradháin Tattooed Warrior
    Chaos - Agility: 10Speed: 8Endurance: 5 | Accuracy: 3
    04 Gold  00 Silver 00 Bronze 
    Cloak- white, waterproof, fur lined Clothing- haltar top, short shorts, knee-high leather boots Backpack- waterproof canvas Gear- Knife, mess kit, string, waterproof bedroll, canvas sheet, Worn out Sonic Boots, Black and gold formal outfit Hunting Javelin x2 | AQL#1498 | Alexander's AQL Code #1131 |Party AQL codes: #1502, #3356

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