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    Jian Manchu

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    Jian Manchu

    Post by Producer-san on Sun Dec 15, 2013 2:04 pm

    Name . . . .- Jian Manchu
    Class . . . .- Life
    Sub-Class' - Fugitive
    Age . . . . . .'- 20
    Gender . . . '- Male
    Profession - Aspiring craftsman and herbalist

    Social . . . . '- 9 Very Skilled
    Combat . . . - 2 Amateur
    Stealth . . . '- 1 Beginner
    Arcana . . . .- 0 Untrained
    Endurance .- 6 Trained
    Agility . . . '''.- 5 Standard
    Speed . . . ''.- 4 Standard
    Accuracy .' ' - 0 Untrained

    Jian always carries small pouches with him, they hold herbs that were gathered while travelling. He also is in posession of a small knife, which barely is bigger than his hand. The blade is pure but clearly used - Though, it has been repaired recently by RD. It also contains a carving with the family name, which symbolises that this knife is a family piece, passed on from family generations. He also wears a charm around his neck, a wooden coin with carvings on them. In addition, recently a woodcarving set and a modernized collapsable dagger.

    Jian used to usually have short, dark blue hair, which now have grown quite long. His eyes have a cyan-greenish colour with a very kind appearance on them. He's wearing glasses with rectangular shape to them. His body shape is rather slim and tall, making him look athletic. His clothing usually consists out of a sweat jacket with rolled up sleeves and a pair of cargo pants, but now is replaced with light armor, which was forged in an eastern fashion. He also has a dark belt around his waist to carry the pouches that he takes with him. The only notable thing in his appearance is, that the chest holds a long scar.

    Positive Traits
    +Very friendly and kind
    +Remarkable cooking skills
    +Knowledgeable about herbal mixtures and natural healing procedures

    Negative Traits
    -Moderately easy to get scared
    -Kindness leading to being prone to backstabbers
    -Bad Self-defense
    -Currently highly stressed

    Background Story
    Jian used to live in the eastern side of the world, where his family had thier own residence in the outskirts. Born and raised under traditional circumstances he was introduced to a culture of beauty and nature. His parents, which are passionate cooks, had thier own takeout with many costumers daily, which resulted in the family living an easy and happy life. Thier popularity in the village also was pretty high due to thier charitable and good social status. Everything seemed perfect and in shape, but every peace seems to fade when time has come. Jian is one of the people, who had this happening to himself, and that fairly recently.

    War was declared between the nations, one fighting for preserving tradition, the other one fighting for the technological revolution. The nations didn't come to an agreement, which lead to this happening. As Jian lived in the outskirts, where villages were rather isolated, they didn't hear much from what was happening regarding politics and public desicions. Nobody there had an idea of what was going on soon. Then, a few months after the declaration, the village was attacked in the middle of the night. People were killed with thier guards down as they were sleeping. Jian, which was pulled out of his sleep by screaming and cries, didn't understand what was happening to the village. Flames, blood and suffering covered his eyesight, no matter where he was looking at. He grabbed his charm and the family's knife, running for his life to get his parents and grandparents. He ran into thier bedroom and saw his dad, hanging from the roof of the room. He was hanged by the brutal and relentles soldiers which gradually took over everything they could. Jian screaming, his heart pounding in deep pain, ran out to find the rest of the family. He ran into the kitchen which was set on fire, but nobody was there. He then continued running through the garden into the other building of the residence, trying to find them there. His granddad was found decapitated in his own bedroom, his arm tried to reach for a wooden training sword used for basic akido combat. Jian's vision turned blurry and he felt very sick. His heart pounded harder every second. Adrenaline's the only thing that barely kept him on his feet as he tumbled through the house to find the rest. As he passed a window, he risked a short look outside, seeing the chaos that blazed through the village. Screams of villagers running and being hunted, flames, and soliders that relentlessly kill everything they sight. Jian turned around and saw a soldier ready to swing his glaive. As the silhoutte of the man did so, he slashed the chest of Jian open, who then tumbled into the soldier with the knife, finishing him off out of reflex. The soldier fell through the open door into the garden's pond, colouring it red instead of blue. Jian's eyesight faded into black and he then loses consciousness.

    A few hours passed after this incident, and Jian's vital signs seemed to fade, but before life was able to be taken away from him, he was brought back. A woman found him and managed to sneak him out shortly after the main attack was over. She was able to take care of him just in time to keep him alive. He woke up, seeing the woman which had her face covered in a hood and a bandana that covered her face. He couldn't say a word and let her do what she was doing. Not much time had passed and she gave him a kiss on his forehead, saying the following: "Get out of here, I am glad I could save you. You can't stay here any longer, go north, into the mountains. Somebody there will bring you out of here when you show him this..." She handed him a jade, it was pure and clean. She pushed him into the hedge next to them and then rushed back into the village where she found Jian.

    He then went north and met the man... which then led him to the place he is now...

    He still never found out who that person was, but deep inside, he believes that she still is out there, meeting up with him one day...

    Additional Information

    Current standing with others:

    Met back on a bench at Recudor
    Mildly positive - Her current situation worry him, she seems to have quite a lot to deal and cope with. He wishes he could do more for her. Yet, things are calming due to her finally being in an okay state, being awake.

    Met back at Recudor, at his Merchant Stand
    Positive - Even though Sharpe seems like a rough man, Jian has grown a bit familiar with it, allowing him to see past that.

    Met first at the markets in Recudor
    Positive - Trust established, he sees her as a friendly person, yet feels like she's not the best with people either, low chance of causing arguments.

    Met first in Castle Vikuur
    Positive - Even though he thinks Jack is a bit too simple-minded and hasty about things, he also feels like he's not trying to mess up as much as he does.

    Met first at the markets in Recudor
    Neutral - Recent personality flaws, mostly on focus with Jericho, make this problematic. Starts to distance himself from him with the current situation going on.

    Met first in Castle Vikuur
    Affection - Has developed feelings for her, reacts protective and caring in situations that regard her. Hopes to be able to take her on his travels sometime soon.

    Met first in Castle Vikuur
    No formed opinion - No info given

    Met first at the Party House
    Mildly Positive - Jian recently met her and she seems to have quite some temper. Though, he feels confident in becoming a friend of hers.

    Positive - A reasonable man in his eyes. He does appear as a rough and grouchy person at first, but he turns out to be the kind that has a good sense of judgement and reason behind his quite buff appearance.

    ??? - Savior back at his home-town
    Met first back at home in the east
    Bound for life - Unbreakable trust established, no arguments will be given once encountered, lifetime goal to meet and talk to her.

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