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    Name Frazil
    Class Chaos
    Subclass Elemental

    2   Social
    2   Combat
    2   Stealth
    10 Arcana
    7   Endurance
    6   Agility
    3   Speed
    0   Accuracy

    Weapon / Ability Load-out

    Water/Ice Arcana

    Typical abilities:

    Ice Armor
    Fluid form
    Ice formed weaponry
    Camouflage (as ice, snow, puddle, etc)
    Collect water/ice at a distance
    Absorb/convert up to 150lbs of inanimate objects, into her form, and revert them once separated.
    Regeneration over time via metabolizing food and/or water


    Temperature control does not extend outside of herself and the water she is working with. Including even the air around her. (She is not cold to the touch and can not freeze things arbitrarily)
    "Body" water and manipulated water treated as separate (though they can be mixed visually)
    Not immune to damage. Damage represented as loss of personal water reserve (she gets smaller).
    Converted items are not usable water supply and do not increase health.
    Fluidity stretch limited to ~15 feet (~5m)
    Collection distance limited to ~60feet (~20m)
    Collection amount limited to ~55 gal.
    Still must eat, and have oxygen to process (while she could "breathe" in water, she could not in a vacuum)


    Typically Frazil will look like an exquisite female statue made of water with ice shards flowing through it. However she has the ability to both become pure, clear water, as well as supercooled white ice, and due to her fluid state, can really take any shape desired. She has a habit of keeping a collection of manipulated water in her immediate vicinity, and will usually shape it into a dress or other clothing.

    Unless very hurt, or mentally/emotionally disrupted in some way, her form is one of calculated beauty, including such things as ice formed jewelry, elegant dresses, and even various densities of ice/water ratio to mimic makeup and hair.

    For an idea of her standard flowing form, watch this:

    Positive Personality Traits


    Negative Personality Traits


    Background Story

    Frazil is a "Superheroine" from an alternate earth. She doesn't speak much of her past, but it is known that she began life as a human. An event of some kind (she has mentioned a fall from great height but won't go much further into detail) caused what she calls an "eruption" that changed her form and gave her the power she wields.

    Yet another event sent her to this realm. Frazil describes it as some kind of dimensional anomaly, attributed to a "Villain" named "Shyft". (She has made her thought on the ridiculousness of that spelling abundantly clear.)
    It seems that the rules of Frazil's world differ from this one, and she is still learning how things work. She is especially curious about magic and has said that it was nothing more than fiction where she came from. However; via a few attempts, it has been proven that she has no ability to use it whatsoever.

    Edit: Adjustments made to better portray the character and her abilities as I see her. Hard limits added.

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