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    Nezumi Yukimura


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    Nezumi Yukimura

    Post by ★Yuki~♪ on Tue Oct 28, 2014 1:23 am

    Nezumi, Age 21
    Class: Chaos
    Sub-c: Kunoichi

    32/32 +0
    6 Social
    5 Might
    3 Stealth
    1 Arcana
    2 Endurance
    4 Agility
    6 Speed
    5 Accuracy

    Weapon Load-out
    Nezumi carries a [Tripple-Daishō] set-up. Eventhough she initially was trained to be a Kunoichi, she had to adapt to her new surrounding. As such, she wields two swords and a dagger; Her fathers Heirloom Katana, [Kasaikūdō]. A [Wakizashi], and a [Tantō]. Alongside these, she also carries various smaller tools. A few [Kunai]and [Shuriken], as well as some improvised [Smoke Bombs]and [Fire Bombs]. Although she rarely uses her tools if she can avoid it, simply for the scarcity of them.


    Nezumi has medium-short, black silky hair. Her eyes are icy blue. She has a fair amount of soft features, but her body is toned well from her training and constant travel. She tends to look younger than she is, though most people tend to avoid her for her outlandish looks. While she looks eastern, her genetics don't match up with the people from the eastern continents. Instead, she has a more frozen theme to her.  Pale skin, dark hair, strong piercing eyes, unlike the well coloured easterners glayp'nier has come to harbor as of late. She wears a top the mixture of a traditional kimono and martial-arts tunic, fitted with a scarf her mother left behind. She tends to wear her worn Kunoichi pants, and used to own a heavy furr coat, though she never wears it with the current climate she finds herself in.

    Positive Traits
    Strong Willed

    Negative Traits
    Shy natured
    Too confident

    Social Standing
    Player Characters not yet met
    Doctor Atrium
    Airgetlam Whyte
    Jian Manchu
    Lox Nilheim
    Richard Deraunt
    Clarent Aucoin
    Jack Samson

    Background Story
    -- -- Coming Soon -- --


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