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    Information on Currency


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    Information on Currency

    Post by ★Yuki~♪ on Thu Oct 02, 2014 4:02 pm

    The common currency used in Glayp'nier is Gold, Silver and Copper in form of coins. Often times people will trade for goods or money, but currency is accepted all across the continent and its surrounding islands.

    The rates for conversion are pretty straight forward;
    A small bit of Platinum is worth 1000 Gold Pieces on average.
    1 Gold Coin is worth 100 Silver Pieces.
    1 Silver Coin is worth 100 Copper Pieces.

    Wherein Platinum is extremely rare and pretty much never used as currency, but sometimes for trade or materials and can boost the performance of protraction by an unbelievable amount. Its regarded as worth a mans life and has almost never been seen across the continent.
    Copper is very common, found in many mines and underground caves all across the continent. It has faint magical properties but not enough to use in protraction.

    Silver is more uncommon than Copper and can isolate or protect from protraction. There are plenty mines but extracting Silver efficiently is still a problem.

    Gold is rare and High in demand due to its high conductivity to protraction and fancy uses. It's extraction is very difficult due to how soft it is, and much of it is lost when forming, shaping, and processing it.


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