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    Info on Time and Weather


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    Info on Time and Weather

    Post by ★Yuki~♪ on Thu Oct 02, 2014 3:24 pm

    There are many continents in Gaea. Each with their own timezone and season structure. The time zones don't change within the continents, though each one is guaranteed to have their own set time.

    Established from old texts and ancient mathematics, like in the old world, there are 24 hours. The're is here-say of a 12 AM - 12 PM system, but it has been forsaken due to its inability to tell the correct time and confusion of many on the continent. Instead the hours are counted from 0 to 24. And there are 7 days in each week, and 4 weeks in each season. These are all things the people learned from the old civilization and is commonly used due to its efficiency.

    As for seasons, it is said that each season has it's own Spirit, which varies from season to season, that guides the people and keeps the land fertile. Some worshiped by different areas and some again even have their own festivals and practices.

    There are 12 seasons, representing each month of the old system respectively.
    The seasons are arranged as followed;

    Season of the Nymph
    Season of the Lamb
    Season of the Firefly
    Season of the Trickster
    Season of Flowers
    Season of Fires
    Season of Beauty
    Season of the Skilled
    Season of the Trees
    Season of the Wind
    Season of Creation
    Season of Ice

    The weather is fairly easy to predict, due to how Protraction can be applied to quite literally taste the air. Sometimes the weather is even influenced, so to ensure certain crops will grow, or help them grow faster and bigger. But there are certain rules to the nature of this. Usually the manipulation of the weather will have a repercussion at a later time, or in another area. For example, a certified magician may change the weather to accommodate certain crops, but the following season the weather may be a bit more unpredictable and wild.

    Between the many mountains of Glayp'nier and the thick forests, its common to see strong extremes of rain and heatwaves in most parts, especially the northern regions of the continent.
    It's a very warm place, and Snow is generally rare. It happens from time to time during the last quarter of the year, but generally doesn't last very long unless, once again, in the north.

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