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    Info on Politics and Government


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    Info on Politics and Government

    Post by ★Yuki~♪ on Thu Oct 02, 2014 3:07 pm

    In society, the balance between Chaos and Order are a life defining aspect of its people. Every continent has its own way of governing themselves and keeping order, as well as dealing with the challenges and situations they have to overcome as their population grows and advances. In Glayp'nier the lands and people are ruled by the King and Queen and their Adviser, based on a system described in ancient texts, only here the King isn't chosen by the gods, but by his people, for his hard work and efforts. It is more a sacrificial title to own, having to govern the entire land for the rest of ones life, and their children being born into that sort of situation.

    The structure is as followed;
    The King and Queen rule over the Dukes and Duchess
    The Dukes and Duchess rule over the Barons, Baroness and Lords.
    The Barons, Baroness, and Lords rule over the Guilds and Cities which inhabit the Workers and Merchants and Aristocrats and Nobility.

    There are seven major cities governed by seven major guilds respectively, within the 10 regions of Glayp'nier.
    The 10 regions are; Tith, Fayanway, Dechant, Furiar, Sensous, Novernin
    and the 4 outlying islands; Nebag, Riktunk, Silver, and Joyas

    Global is the capital of the Kingdom of Glayp'nier, it is also the Capital of Dechant.
    It's the most technologically advanced and the richest and biggest city in all of Glayp'nier and a hub for Science and Development. It harbors the King and Queen and their Adviser who governs the city as well as the Dukes and Duchess. The people who live there live a wealthy life and cherish progress above all else. Global is under the protection of Teyness.

    Tith was once a trading city like Recudor, but built on tradition as it was once a fishing village. It became a popular hideout for thieve guilds and assassins but was taken in the war against the Pagan Resistance and has since then been Occupied. The Duke Hullhan who ruled over Tith was a man who believed in technological advance and a big supporter of the scientists in Global and military advancements of Teyness. He was executed by the Pagans and his head hung from the arch of the main gateway. The Pagan Resistance is comprised of purist magicians who worship nature and the old ways and despise technology. They are split into various different factions and don't pose much of a threat after most of the war had subsided, but constantly harass the outlying cities and villages, claiming more and more land for themselves.

    Teyness is is the military colony within Dechant. It used to be home to a mercenary guild which then became a large military force, governed by many different leaders over the time. Currently it stands in contract with Global, protecting it from the Pagans and Bandits that roam the area. The people in Teyness are hard-headed and Proud folk, ranging from mercenaries, to warriors, mages and even soldiers. Most of its population is comprised of people who are able to fight and the people willing to support them. The city itself is built ontop of a massive prison and mining complex, where prisoners work to supply the continent with resources.

    Nebag was once a mining colony, inhabited by a great deal of people. It was the second biggest city, inhabiting an entire island to the brim. The island to this day holds many resources and much gold, but is seldomly visited. A long time ago an artifact from the old world crashed from the heavens, destroying a good third of the island. The artifact carried a disease that slowly infected and turned people into bizzare and odd creatures, giving them strange powers but claiming their sanity as this progressed. The island is uninhabited aside a few secure locations used to this day to mine for resources by adventurers. It also holds a small prisoners colony where people are sent to dig for resources for Global and Teyness, earning their freedom while slowly being destroyed by the disease.

    Na'Hog is the Farmers domain, located in Furiar. They used to be an independent bunch but have long since been claimed by the King to supply the island with food. They work closely with the traders from Recudor but are trying to reclaim their freedom and independence from the Kingdom.
    The people who reside there are hard working and close-nit. Believing in tradition and festives and a healthy lifestyle without politics or war.

    Soiyam, the scavenger's city, is built on the ancient ruins of the old world. These ruins were swallowed whole by the mountains and are the biggest remaining ruins left on the island. The people of Soiyam are mostly scavengers and traders, and scientists working on salvaging the old world bit by bit and surviving by selling their knowledge and inventions. Soiyam was where the first Protraction Weave was built, by a genius inventor who now works in Global on advancing the world.

    Recudor, lastly, is the main trading city of Glayp'nier. With a massive population the city expanded to the shores, and has become the main harbor for foreigners to dock and trade. The city isn't exactly wealthy but there is much riches and fame to get for the average tradesman, and often times is a big attraction for people all over the world as Glayp'niers cultural hub. Recudor hosts most of the festivals outside of Global and Na'Hog, and has many attractions for travelers and entrepreneurs and business men.

    As for the Political struggle. About roughly eight years ago, from our current time, a faction of magic purists stepped into the light. Making themselves known as the Pagan Resistance, they threatened the big political figures stop seize expansion of the technology being developed, seeing it as far to dangerous and un-pure compared to the magic they had been given by the gods after the reawakening of Gaea. After the continued research, development and construction of technology, both with Protraction and without, the Pagan Resistance announced war against all neighboring factions who opposed them. They had begun to raid villages, stage attacks of terrorism on cities and newly built factories, and have even taken over a good bit of territory. The army of Teyness eventually beat them back but it didn't come without a loss and a treaty. The Pagan Resistance has mostly been dissolved, as far as the populous is concerned, but occasionally rumors of attacks continue to appear throughout the realm.

    Meanwhile, there is talk of a strike between Na'Hog and Recudor, as with the increasing foreign population, demand and prices have gone up substantially, but wages and trades have gone down in equal measure, leaving the farmers to fend for themselves, financially. Claims have arisen that Na'hog has received no support from either Global or Recudor, and as of recent, the Duke has disappeared, leaving his wife to govern the land.

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