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    Lox Nilheim

    Post by SentaiSenpai on Wed Aug 13, 2014 7:32 pm

    Name: Lox Nilheim
    Class: Understanding-Construct
    Sub-Class: Runeweaver
    Age: 20
    Gender: Male
    Profession: Amateur inventor/Scholar

    Social: 3
    Combat: 4
    Stealth: 1
    Arcana: 7
    Endurance: 5
    Agility: 2
    Speed: 3
    Accuracy: 5

    Lox seems to always be in possession of notebooks to scribble his findings in, other than that he usually carries with him his brother's notes in a grey, worn looking notebook with charred edges, as well as a plain looking iron dagger, all kept within a beige and somewhat worn looking backpack when he travels.

    Background story
    Lox was always a smart kid, from a very young age, he was always caught with his nose in a book. He was always trying to scoop up any info he could find; art, wildlife, plant life, protraction, engineering, medicine, he studied all of it. He didn't seem to have a knack for any of the subjects he studied, but his hunger for the pursuit of knowledge was enough to keep him reading day and night. Lox was a citizen of Na'Hog, along with his father Krauter, his mother Olta, and his younger brother Cyppor. The father of the family was always a busy man, growing food, raising the cattle, and just about everything else that needed to be done on the farm in order to provide food and money for his family. He was a caring, and optimistic man, always had was best for others on his mind, which was a bit surprising given his size. Krauter was a very large man, taller than most standing at six feet and eight inches, this combined with his very muscular build earned him the nickname 'Gentle Giant' among his friends even in his childhood. Olta on the other hand was almost the opposite of her loving husband, she almost never had a good thing to say about anyone, her sons included, always looking on the dark side of situations, and unlike her husband, her looks did not fool anyone. She was an undoubtedly beautiful woman, black flowing hair, and a thin physic, but she was also full of harsh features with high cheekbones, narrow green eyes, and a very angular face. The two had gone to school together, with Olta being a year ahead of him Krauter never had a chance to be around her a lot, though this didn't stop him from admiring her from a distance. This caused his crush to go unrequited throughout his childhood, until the day he graduated when he had a stroke of luck, running into her on the streets in the middle of town.  This lead to an awkward, but slightly charming first date, followed by a much smoother second date. After the second date, Olta vanished, Krauter had no idea where she disappeared to, neither did her family. Heartbroken and depressed, Krauter took over his family's farm upon their passing and simply lived out his days as a humble farmer until she returned a few months later, pregnant with their first child. Krauter had never been happier, he proposed on the spot, and the two were wed just before the birth of Lox. Olta on the other hand, was clearly unhappy, she gave the child the care he needed, but was always cold to her newly found family, being the loving and caring husband he was Krauter was always trying to find out why his wife was so clearly holding a grudge, but she remained silent on the matter.  Soon after their marriage Lox was born, he was a fairly small child, with beautiful golden hair like his father's, and his mother's narrow eyes. While his mother was happy to hold him in her arms she was still fairly underwhelmed, his father on the other hand, was glowing with joy, the big oafish man was a veritable waterfall of tears at the site of his little boy. After they took their son home, they began everyday life on Krauter's farm, the new father's days were filled with repetitive, long days on his farm, one more than one occasion he was injured or ill, and yet a complaint never passed his lips. Within a year of Lox's birth his mother was pregnant again with his brother, and it wasn't long before the father was again overcome with tears of joy once again. Cyppor was born almost the opposite of his older brother, his hair black like his mother's, but short like his father's, his eyes fuller and more easily read than his brother's narrow eyes, and as they aged, Cyppor began to take on a sturdier build than his brother's lanky frame. Despite all their physical differences, the two kids still dove their noses into their books once they matured enough to do so. Dinners were filled with the father's hearty chuckles as the two boys studied during their meals, allowing conversations to fly over their heads. As they grew into teens, their similarities held firm, but they began forming more and more differences as well their physical appearances clearly set them apart, Lox's hair growing long and straight like his mother's while Cyppor's remained short and wavy, Lox's height was average for a boy his age while Cyppor began to grow taller than his older brother. Even their school lives were different Lox was a meek child, being teased and bullied daily only to retreat to his books when he got home, and while Cyppor studied just as hard he was more outgoing, and had a large group of friends in his class, a year under his big brother. Through all this though the two of them lived a fair life, with his loving father supporting both him and his brother, Lox lead a happy life, not allowing the cold attitude of his distant mother to drag him down into depression. Cyppor on the other hand grew more pessimistic, his father's kind words, his popularity at school, none of it seemed to lift his spirits. One night, taking after his father, Lox approached his brother's room and decided to inquire as to why his brother was so down, he slowly creaked open the door to peer into his brother's room, only to find him scribbling in a notebook, murmuring to himself. Lox slowly pushed the door open, crossing the threshold into his brother's room, his voice cracking a bit as he made himself known. "Cy...Can we talk? I just wanted to ask you..." Upon hearing his brother's voice, Cyppor slammed his fist into his book and stood up, turning to his brother with eyes full of rage. "WHY DOESN'T IT BOTHER YOU!?" His voice boomed forth, carrying throughout the house, grabbing his mother's attention easily, who stood up and slowly began making her way up the stairs of the house to the boy's room. Lox jumped a bit, and simply stared blankly at his younger brother, shocked by the sudden outburst. Cyppor sighed and took a moment to calm down before he continued. "You don't get it do you? You study the same books as me, just as much as I do, if not more! Why are we here? We were born into this crappy farm life, but you and I brother, are smarter than any of the morons that surround us! School is a joke! We should be at Global, advancing technology for royalty, and leaving this hillbilly life behind us!" Lox simply stared at his brother dumbfounded for a moment before parting his lips to speak up, but once again cut off by his brother. "Never mind...I figured if anyone would get it, it would be you. I was wrong, you just pretend to be smarter than everyone else." Lox sighed, this time finally getting a few words in. "Cy, I'm not as good as dad at these feel good talks, but our lives aren't set in stone. A little patience and soon..." Cyppor turned and glared at his brother, his face flustered, jaw clenched, and eyes practically red with rage. "Get...out..." He demanded through gritting teeth. Lox did as his brother angrily commanded, leaving the room to return to his own. On his way out his mother, back rested against the wall next to Cyppor's door simply muttered to Lox. "No one's keeping either of you here." Lox's eyes welled up with tears for a moment before he quickly wiped them away and responded. "Cy has the problem...not me!" Olta sighed at her son and simply replied as she stood from the wall and began walking back downstairs. "The problem...or the brains?" Lox's eyes began welling up once again as he made his way back to his room just to flop down onto his bed, for the first time in his life he felt genuinely...defeated...

    That night changed the dynamic of the family, the mother grew even more distant barely speaking to anyone while Cyppor followed her lead, for years the family grew more and more distant, once Lox and his brother began to mature into their late teens, he and his father were the only two who remained close, and even they were slowly drifting apart from each other. Dinner every night now consisted of Lox and his brother bringing food up to their separate rooms, while Kauter and Olta sat across from each other, heads staring down awkwardly at their plates, not a word exchanged between the two. This ritual continued for another year until Lox was seventeen, one night his mother placed dinner one the table for everyone and in their usual fashion, the boys picked up their plates, and began heading upstairs to their rooms. They got about halfway up when their father came in from the fields and saw the boys walking off with their dinners, when suddenly they heard a loud slam, causing them to both halt in their tracks, and nearly drop their plates. They turned to the door, to view the one sight that they never thought they would see, Krauter's fist being pulled from a cracked, crumbled hole in the wall, and his voice booming forth enough to rattle the room. "NO! YOU WILL GET DOWN FROM THOSE STAIRS AND SIT YOUR ASSES AT THIS TABLE!" The now fuming father, face red with rage took a deep breath, and looked to his wife, then back to his children. "You three are the greatest things in my life. I have never known a joy more fulfilling than providing for this family, but over the years we have been drifting further and further apart, despite my attempts to hold us together you have all ignored me. Well now I'm done asking, I'm done trying to tip toe around feelings, I'm done trying to handle this delicately... I WANT MY GOD DAMN SUPPERS BACK!" The boys stared at their father wide eyed, and frozen in place until a few moments later when their father sat down at the table, his face returning to it's normal hue as he took a big bite of the mashed potatoes his wife had prepared for them. He turned to her with a wide grin on his face as he remarked. "Excellent potatoes dear!" To which she simply responded with an eye roll and sighed while sitting at the table. His two sons on the other hand reacted differently, Cyppor rolled his eyes and simply continued to his room while Lox did as his father commanded, and returned to the kitchen table, a small nervous smile on his face. "Well, one out of the two ain't too bad!" His father chuckled with a mouth full of potatoes. Lox watched his father for a moment, and simply laughed, taking in a mouthful of potatoes and turning to his mother. "Hey Mom...Dad's right, these potatoes are great!" She looked at her son with her usual emotionless stare as she took a bite as well, she had no idea what they were talking about...her potatoes were as bland and tasteless as ever. After everyone had finished their dinner Cyppor came back down the stairs, a smirk on his face as he began cleaning his dishes he looked to his father, who was petting his stuffed belly alone at the table. "...Dad...Are you going into town tomorrow?" The father raised an eyebrow and looked to his son. "Yes I am, along with Lox did...did you want to come with me Cy?" The boy smiled innocently at his father and nodded his head before turning his back to his father and returning to his dishes, a devious grin creeping across his face as he scrubbed his plate. Meanwhile upstairs, Lox was relaxing in his room, reading one of his many books this time studying what he could about the use of protraction in modern technology. After a while he put the book away and ventured into his brother's room to look for a different book to borrow. He searched through his brother's book case for a bit before noticing a fairly worn looking notebook on Cyppor's bed. Lox tilted his head to the side a bit and picked up the notebook to examine it, flipping through the pages he saw what looked to be pages and pages dedicated to the deciphering and practical usage of some fairly exotic symbols. Some of the symbols representing simple elements such as fire or water, others seemed to be a bit less straightforward, being referred to as 'life' or 'universe'. Nonetheless he examined the symbols curiously until hearing a loud slam behind him. "What in the HELL do you think you're doing?" Cyppor stood behind his brother with an angry grimace on his face before Lox turned to him with the notebook, and an innocent chuckle. "Didn't take you for the artsy type little bro!" Cyppor simply sighed as he stepped forward and snatched the notebook from his older brother's hands. "Why are you snooping through my personal notes Lox, you run out of pop-up books over in your room?" Lox simply rolled his eyes at his brother's insult and shrugged before stepping over to look at his little brother's scribbling in his notebook. "Got bored with my books, read them too many times. What is all this?" Cyppor scoffed at his brother's question and turned to face him. "THIS is my ticket out of this dump! Over the past few years I've been scanning through my books, and I picked up on some little clues. This was always your problem big bro, you were always reading about EVERYTHING! You never narrowed your interests, you can name off a million different herbs and animals, you could even teach me the inner workings of some of the more complicated machines. All this widespread knowledge is wasted on you though! Can you tell me how to improve on the designs of some of those machines? Can you tell me what benefits we might gather from some experimentation on those animals you can list off?" Lox cocked an eyebrow at his rambling brother and simply shrugged at him. "You moron..." Cyppor sighed and pointed at some of the symbols in the book, particularly one that looked like a swirl with what looked like an upside down V above it. "These are called runes, if someone can draw them properly and jumpstart them with even a little bit of their own protraction, they can act as an outside source of magic. This one in particular is a symbol for fire. If I were to jumpstart this one with my own protraction I could burn down half this house! I spent years digging out some of the clues from those books, and quite a few of them mention the possibility of some older sources of magic. I'm pretty sure this is what they meant. The uses for these could be universal! Think about it brother, stoves that run twice as efficiently, or weapons with even stronger possible uses...It takes so little magic to activate these things that a toddler could use them!" Lox sighed a bit and shrugged, clearly a bit skeptical of his brother's claims. "Well our house remains uncharred, so I assume you haven't tested these things yet...you have no idea if any of these will even work Cy. Sounds to me like you're throwing a lot of eggs into one basket." Lox chuckled and gently petted his brother's shoulder before strolling out of his room. "Good luck with your toddler powered stoves little brother...I'm sure it'll be a big hit!" Cyppor glared at his older brother walking out of the room and simply muttered under his breath. "Laugh while you can big brother, I'll have the world eating out of my palms by tomorrow!"

    The next day Krauter awoke early in the morning and proceeded with his daily ritual, kissing his sleeping wife's forehead and heading to the bathroom to wash up. Once he was finished he wandered down the hall and quickly banged his fist on his children's doors, first Lox, and then Cyppor. "GET UP BOYS, WE SET OUT IN TWENTY!" He then turned and headed downstairs to take care of a few early chores on the farm while his sons woke up. Cyppor was the first to awaken, eagerly dashing to the bathroom to wash up and get ready for the day. In about ten minutes he was out of the bathroom and greeted by a groggy older brother who simply mumbled a small greeting before he stepped into the bathroom. After the twenty minutes the brother's were given they stepped outside to be greeted by their father. With their town of Na'Hog between Recudor and Global, they were rarely short on traders traveling between the two, and on certain days it wasn't odd for traders to set up a plaza not far from their home. A small ten minute walk down the road and they arrived at the small hub of traders, the hustle and bustle was a little more than the brothers were used to, but they quickly got used to it having been to events like these in the past on one or two occasions. The father turned to his sons and smiled, passing a satchel to each of them, but keeping three for himself. "Alright boys if you've got money on you go ahead and wander for now, but I expect you back here in ten minutes to help carry some food." The boys checked the money they had earned from various chores around the home before walking off in separate directions. The father raised an eyebrow as he watched Lox shoot straight for the books while his brother walked off in an entirely different direction, he shrugged it off and began attempting to haggle down some grocers. Lox walked around a bit eyeing some of the books that were being sold, but couldn't seem to find any that either he didn't already own, or ones that interested him. He sighed a bit, wondering if his brother's words had some sort of affect on him, nonetheless he shrugged it off and decided instead to begin stockpiling some notebooks of his own. Maybe taking on a project of his own wouldn't be the worst idea, it would keep him from becoming complacent. After paying for the three notebooks he could afford, as well as a pen and some ink, he began searching for his brother, it had been about five minutes so he figured he could catch up to his brother and rejoin with their father. After a few minutes of searching he was unable to find Cyppor, so he decided to rejoin with his father as see if his brother had beaten him back to their dad. After another few minutes he found his father haggling down another poor merchant for some peaches. "Hey dad! Did Cy catch up to you?" He shouted as he ran to his father. "Yeah, he caught me buying some carrots. Bought a bird for some reason and practically begged me to keep him, when I finally gave in he said he wanted to head home early, so I saddled him up with some groceries and he ran off." Lox rose an eyebrow at his father's story and tilted his head a bit. "A...A bird?" His father chuckled a bit and threw a satchel full of food at his son. "Yup! Looked like a falcon of some sort to me, I guess he saved up for over a year for that thing." The two of them shrugged and continued their shopping for a bit more.

    Meanwhile, at home, Cyppor slammed open the door and threw his load of food onto the table, and quickly swiped a steak knife from the kitchen before sprinting past a very confused mother and up to his room, slamming the door behind him even though it did nothing to hide his sudden outburst of laughter. His very confused mother stared at the stairs her son had just run up for a moment before shrugging and walking back to their living room. In his room, Cyppor yanked the cloth from the cage of his new pet and gave the bird an ear to ear grin. "You ready to make the history books little guy?" Cyppor unlocked the cage and quickly grabbed the bird before it could fly from his grasp. "You're gonna open a lot of doors for me my friend!" Cyppor's sadistic grin grew as he slammed the poor bird belly first onto his bedroom floor, and used his knees to pin the bird's wings to the floor. He could feel the creature flailing and kicking under him, but he ignored it all, his eyes wide with anticipation as he began tearing feathers from the falcon's back. Once she began hearing the falcon screeching in pain, Olta rose from her chair and began rushing upstairs to slam on her son's door with her fist, screaming at him over the screeches of the bird. "CY! ...CY WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING IN THERE!?" Cyppor ignored his mother's screams as he tore out a big, bloody bald spot on the back of his new bird. "I was originally going to draw this on you, but I can't imagine the ink would hold." Cyppor whispered to the bird before brandishing the knife he had swiped from the kitchen. Meanwhile Olta began slamming against the locked door with her shoulder, her thin frame making her a rather ineffective battering ram. After a while of bashing on the door, she finally managed to break open the door, and what she saw left her wide eyed, and speechless, her son was kneeled over a bloody falcon, using his hand to wipe away as much of the blood as he could before grabbing the bird by the neck and standing back up to face his mother. "Hey mom! I've read rumors about an ancient creature, a bird of flame and and rebirth..." Cyppor let out an ear piercing cackle before holding up the bloody bird, which by now had clearly passed out from the shock, pain, and blood loss. The creature was balancing the fine line between life and death. "Three runes mother... Fire, Life, and Infinity! Your son has brought the legend to life!" Another psychotic laugh filled the air as Cyppor threw the bird into the air, and watched it burst into a mass of white hot flame. It wasn't long before the firey mass formed into it's original form, a falcon covered from head to talon in a red, untamed blaze. Cyppor grinned as he watched the bird fly frantically around his room. "Once the money hounds up at global see this thing, they'll be kissing my shoes!" Turning to the cage Cyppor used the knife to begin carving out the bottom of the cage, scratching a small circle into the metal, then a larger circle around the first. He stopped for a moment to look at his mother clearly stricken with a mixture of awe and fear, he rolled his eyes and continued scratching symbols into the bottom of the cage. "If you're just gonna stand there staring why don't you pick your jaw up off the floor and go make me some food, I'm gonna need to fuel up if I'm gonna get all the way to global with this little guy. Oh and don't forget to close the door behind you." Olta glared at her son for a moment before turning around and slamming the door behind her, grumbling and muttering random obscenities as she made her way back down to the kitchen. "Little brat won't make it halfway down the road before he comes crying back." Meanwhile up in his room, Cyppor watched his newly made phoenix fly around until it decided to perch up on his bookcase, lighting it on fire under his feet. Cyppor shrugged and stood up, walking over to the bookcase and began scratching the same symbol into the wood that he had on the cage. "Don't worry bird, I'm prepared." The symbol didn't seem to do much at first, the bird's perch was soon engulfed in flames, his books slowly reduced to ashes and his bookcase was a mass of dancing flames. For some reason though, the flames would not spread outside of the bookcase. "Well since it's on wood, that rune won't last forever, but it's enough for now." Cyppor grinned and approached the bird. "Now we're going to get you into that cage!" With Cyppor grinning sadistically at the bird, and brandishing the bloody knife once again the bird's eyes widened, and it quickly flew away from him screeching and squawking. Cyppor sighed as he watched the bird freak out around his room, crashing into walls and furniture and lighting them all ablaze. Cyppor simply grinned and watched the bird, "Go ahead, burn it all down! I don't need any of it!" Seeing how calm the man was, the bird finally landed on the floor, hanging his head while Cyppor approached him. He opened the cage, and simply presented it to the defeated looking bird and waited for him to enter the bars. At that point the bird let out a shrill ear piercing shriek and shot up into the air once more, his flames growing bigger and bigger. Cyppor quickly grabbed his chest, gasping for air as he glared up at the creature with his vision quickly blurring. "S-Stop! ...Air!"

    With their shopping finished, Lox and his father were on their way back the two of them laughing and joking as they walked down the road to their home, though the laughter came to a sudden halt as their eyes spotted a pillar of smoke in the distance. "Dad...isn't that..." Lox couldn't even finish his sentence before seeing his dad sprinting down the road, he quickly followed though, trying his best to keep up with his father but with no real success. Once he had reached their home, Lox looked on in horror as he saw his house engulfed in flames though his attention quickly shifted to his father smashing through the door shoulder first. "NO!" Lox cried out to his father before dropping his bags and running in after him. Lox gulped in a quick breath of air before running into the inferno and wasted no time running straight up the stairs in search of his mother and brother. His eyes widened after running into his brother's open room and seeing both his mother and brother passed out on the floor. He quickly rushed to both of them and placed a finger to each of their necks only to discover there was no pulse. His eyes began to well up with tears and he quickly grabbed his brother's arm to begin dragging him out of the room, though he only got about halfway to the door before he became unable to hold his breath any longer. Lox let go of his brother's arm and began coughing and gasping, his vision starting to blur even further than it was from the tears. It was at that point he noticed the notebook in his brother's hand, and quickly grabbed it away from Cyppor before feeling a hand grab at his shoulder and yanking him backwards. Lox attempted to scream, but with the house practically devoid of oxygen, he couldn't catch his breath, at least not without getting a facefull of searing hot smoke. Before he knew it he was thrown onto his grassy yard, his father standing over him, sniffling and teary eyed. "WHY THE HELL DID YOU FOLLOW ME IN THERE LOX!?" Krauter dropped to his knees, weeping in front of his son before wrapping his enormous arms around his son and squeezing him tight. "I could have lost you!" Lox, still panting and gasping leaned his fathers embrace, his own face covered in tears as he attempted to cry through gasping breaths. "Th...They're...G-Gone..." Krauter simply looked down at his son and whispered gently to him. "...I know son...I know..."

    That night the two were forced to watch as their house burned to the ground, over the coming years they eventually built a new life for themselves. A new house was built on their land, and a grave in the back for each of the two that they had lost on that night. Managing to save his brother's notebook Lox began intently studying it every night after the weeks it took him to look at the notebook without breaking down into tears. It was like a small library of runes for him to memorize and cross reference with the other books of protraction he had repurchased over that year. With his new room looking over the graves, Lox watched his father take an hour every night to stand over them. Some nights Krauter would speak to the graves, other nights he would tower over them in complete silence. The night he turned twenty years old, Lox decided for the first time in two years to follow his father outside and stand with him over the graves. It was a beautiful snowy night, and the two of them stood in perfect silence for about ten minutes before Krauter finally looked to his son with a small smile on his face. "You really think tonight is the best night?" Lox chuckled a bit and shrugged before looking to his father. "Well it's been two years, figured I should pay my respects at some point." Krauter's smile faded and he turned back to the graves with a sigh. "You know that's not what I meant...I may not be a bookworm like you and Cy, but I'm not a moron..." Lox sighed and hung his head a bit. "I know dad, but I put it off for too long, I've been studying Cy's work, and I think I'm ready to bring it to the world." Krauter turned his head away from his son, tears welling up in his eyes as he thought back to the night he ran into that burning building, the images still fresh in his memory. Kicking open the door, that terrifying, fiery bird flying out of the room in an intense rage, even prying the knife from his dead wife's hand and chasing the bird down to thrust the knife into it's back. Of course the father had no idea breaking the runes would kill the creature, but that stroke of luck that night kept him, and his elder son alive. Krauter was brought out of his thoughts by his son speaking up once again. "Dad, I've spent the better part of my life reading, and researching. Discovering answers to some of the toughest mysteries around, but there was one thing I could never figure out..." Looking at his son, Krauter saw his gaze was fixated on his mother's grave and simply chuckled. "You're wondering why I married her?" Lox looked up at his father, a little stunned that he guessed so easily, and inquired further. "Well...I mean she was such a cold person...You two were pretty much opposites!" Krauter chuckled heartily, and Lox smiled warmly at his father, it had been so long since he had heard his father laugh like that, and on this cold snowy night that made him feel warmer than any cup of hot chocolate could. "Son...Very few people understood your mother and I, and to be honest to this day I'm not sure I understood her either. We were indeed opposites through most of our lives, and to be honest you and your brother were the greatest things I ever accomplished in this simple life of mine, I wouldn't have changed a thing during the years your mother and brother were alive...But I always had the feeling she would, she had plenty of unrealized dreams. Let me ask you this, if Olta had been the sweet, warm, and nurturing mother that everyone assumed she should have been, how far away from home would you have been urged to venture?" Lox's eyes widened a bit and his gaze turned to his mother's grave, his eyes tearing up as his father continued. "I'm a simple man son...I will never know exactly what was going on in that woman's head, but maybe being cold to you kids was her way of making sure she would never anchor you to one place. Personally, I believe that made her a stronger persona than I will ever be." Lox wiped the tears from his eyes and stepped forward to place a hand on his mother's grave. "Y'know father, you might be right. You ARE kind of a wimp." Lox and his father both began laughing until Krauter playfully punched his lanky son in the shoulder, knocking him into the snow. Lox quickly rose back up laughing before standing to his feet, the laughter soon ceased, and the two stood in silence for another moment before Lox began to walk back to the house. "I have some supplies packed dad, I'm going to grab them and then head out for Recudor, that feels like the best place to continue Cy's work." Once again his father thought back to the flaming bird, he may not have been as smart as his sons, but he knew the bird belonged to his son Cyppor. He knew his younger son was responsible for the fire, and with that thought he turned to Lox and called to him. "Lox wait!" Hearing his father Lox halted and looked back to him. "Promise me you'll start small!" Lox simply smiled at his father and gave him a thumbs up before walking back into the house to retrieve his provisions. A few weeks worth of food, his brother's notebook, an ordinary looking dagger, and of course any money he had left on him, about fifty copper coins. All of it took up one backpack. Lox threw the bag on, and let out a soft sigh as he prepared for his journey, he figured he had enough money to bum a few rides, but otherwise it was going to be a long journey to get all the way to Recudor. Nonetheless he opened the door and stepped out of his house only to see his teary eyed father standing before him, grabbing his son and embracing him, Krauter simply whispered to him. "You will always have a home here son." and equally teary Lox replied with a simple. "Thank you for everything dad." With that final exchange, Lox was finally on his way to Recudor to make an name for himself.

    Lox is a fairly average looking man, he stands just under six feet, and has shoulder length blond hair, as well as narrow green eyes. He has a fairly skinny build, and is usually seen in baggy, but plain looking clothing. His most noteworthy set of clothing that he is usually seen in is a large, dull green, hooded mantle, a dark grey long sleeved shirt, fairly fitting around his chest but slightly baggy around the waist and arms adorned with green vines pattern around the end of the sleeves. His lower body is usually covered with a pair of baggy pants which are very dull red in their color, the ends of which are stuffed into a pair of black boots which end just under the halfway point of his shins.


    Incredibly book smart
    A constant hunger for knowledge
    Always filled with ideas for new inventions

    A little TOO willing to jump into adventures headfirst
    Not always the most sociable person
    Not all of his inventions come out as planned
    Not a very seasoned adventurer/fighter
    Easily intimidated

    Through his late nights of studying Lox is accustomed to being a night owl and sometimes goes without sleep for days. While this never drives him to the point of insanity, on rare occasions it does show a bit of the wear it takes on his mental state, causing him to act somewhat out of character.

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