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    Recudor Quest Set


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    Recudor Quest Set

    Post by ★Yuki~♪ on Mon May 26, 2014 2:44 pm

    Recudor Bounty and Missions Board

    Private Missions

    Difficulty: ★★
    2123 - Jenniver Colen
    Location: Southern Recudor
    "Investigation on Unofficial Business, Private Investigator(s)"

    Difficulty: ★★
    2872 - Pam Sorvin
    Location: Southern Recudor
    "Valuables stolen, Private Detective"

    Difficulty: ★★
    2996 - Curtis Copperlean
    Location: Southern Recudor
    "Investigation on stolen family Heirloom"

    Difficulty: ★★★ *Accepted*
    3001 - John D.
    Location: Northern Recudor
    "Retrieval of missing girl and stolen amulet"

    Bounty Targets

    Difficulty: ★★★
    192 - Trevor Giste
    Location: Recudor City
    "Elusive Robber. In hiding."

    Difficulty: ★★★
    196 - Itzel Felix
    Location: Recudor City, Outlaying Villages.
    "Murderer. In hiding."

    Difficulty: ★★★★ *Accepted*
    194 - "White Claw"
    Location: Unconfirmed, Recudor Mountain Range
    "Gang Leader. On the Run."

    Difficulty: ★★★★
    195 - "John Dire"
    Location: Unknown
    "Elusive Con-Man, thief, murderer. In Hiding."

    Free Mission

    Difficulty: ★★
    1276 - Misha
    Location: Recudor Mountain Range
    "Circus Bear, gone rampant in the woods."

    Difficulty: ★★★★
    1277 - Culstist of the Bloodmoon
    Location: Recudor City, Outlaying Villages
    "Several Cultists all around the city and villages must be stopped."


    7712 - "Totem"  *New*
    Notable features: Wears a (fake?) bushy tail and suspicious long animal ears. Full body and face tattoos. Elusive Thief and Drug-dealer. Any information will be well paid for.

    7713 - Amanda Tisperry  *New*
    Notable features: Eastern, dark long hair. Last seen in the southern district staying at an Inn.
    Possible murderer of her husband, on the run. Any information will be well paid for.


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