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    Glayp'nier: Vescor Species


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    Glayp'nier: Vescor Species

    Post by ★Yuki~♪ on Sun May 18, 2014 8:25 pm

    Vescor are as well a post-human as sub-human species. They have been brought forth as a mutation of Humans, altered by a contagious disease that has appeared with Ragnarok. As their name suggests they survive by feeding, but though they are related by species their hunger comes and is sated through various different aspects. Not much about these species is known as they are usually very dangerous and appalled by human society. A lot of them have become an increasingly rare species due to being hunted down and exterminated by the hundreds.


    Vampires are a young species that appeared when humanity was recovering from Ragnarok. They survive by feeding on blood, there while passing on their mutation if their victims survive long enough to turn. Most vampires are rather intelligent and have a special connection to shadow magic and fire. Unlike their Fairy counter-parts, Vampires are unable to shape-shift, but in turn can manipulate shadows as well as fire in case of a very powerful vampire. As they feed, their magical ability as well as intelligence and speed progress, though when they stop to feed, their abilities regress and they will eventually turn feral, preying on anything to keep themselves alive until their intelligence has been restored or they die of hunger.

    Current Estimated Attributes:
    Social: Great
    Combat: ???
    Stealth: ???
    Arcane: Excellent
    Endurance: ???
    Agility: ???
    Speed: ???
    Acurracy: ???

    Useful Information:
    Vampire strain is infectious through liquids.


    The Fairy is one of the oldest mutations known since Ragnarok. The once-were humans become infected by the strain and turn into mindless feral animals. Fairies, unlike their Vampire counter-part are unable to use magic in any way. They however possess the ability to shape shift, given their environment and current need. Their shape-shifting abilities are usually limited to their own body mass, though in extreme cases if the Fairy is threatened it can rapidly grow its mass, in most cases causing permanent disfigurations such as elongated limbs or abnormal body growths. Due to how much energy the body goes through when a Fairy shape shifts, they are in constant need of fresh proteins, though they can survive for weeks without feeding on anything, unless a transformation occurs.

    Current Estimated Statistics:
    Social: ???
    Combat: Poor
    Stealth: ???
    Arcane: ???
    Endurance: Decent
    Agility: Poor
    Speed: Decent
    Acurracy: ???

    Useful Information:
    Fairies are very playful but show little intelligence.
    Fairies appear to be driven by a constant hunger and will go off in search for their food.
    Fairies show no discrimination to man and animal.
    Fairies tend to fight other fairies outside of their pack.
    Fairy strain is infectious through contact with wounds and liquids.


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