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    General Lore and Useful Information


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    General Lore and Useful Information

    Post by ★Yuki~♪ on Sat Dec 14, 2013 9:36 pm

    Brief Lore on Gaea
    Gaea Incognito. Once a peaceful world, its inhabitants blooming in the prospering modern civilization they had created. It now stands shrouded in shadows. The people of Gaea were faced with an outbreak of a fatal disease with faint magical properties and war broke out among them. The world plunged into pandemonium for years until one fateful day... when all of Gaea shook. Natural disasters erupted all over the world, earthquakes and waters consuming the land, destroying everything and leaving nothing but dirt and rust.

    This event, would later be known as Ragnarok. The Undoing of Mankind.

    An unknown collection of years into the future. The remaining  people of Gaea find themselves on a continent with no recollection of the events that happened so long ago, or how they are still alive, or even where they even remained to this date. Rotting books and salvages of long lost technology among the ruins of what was once a civilization are the only clues on their history. In not to long of a time, attempts on capturing the history are discarded and a new life begins. On their continent, Glayp'neir, the people of Gaea work  hard to raise their once lost civilization back up from the ground.

    Several Hundred years later. Life. Prosperity. Civilization has been re-established. Standing on the twilight of the medieval lifestyle and modern technology, towns and Cities flourish and the population is ever-rising. Glayp'niers inhabitants have taken to an art called Protraction which lets them draw on the life essence of everything around them to create what is commonly referred to as magic.

    Scraps of Information
    Continent ruled by King and Queen. The queen fell ill and the king recluse. Their advisor speaks the kings wishes. The dukes and duchess rule the lands.

    Protraction is a commonly used but objects and machines but not by all people.

    Technology has only recently become popular after a breakthrough in protraction weaving - The art of combining electronics with protraction magic.

    Scraps and broken equipment are moderately decently  found but hard to salvage with current technology and only by the right people.

    Progress in technology is concerning to a lot of people and created a branch of society known as the pagan resistance. A group of luddites who worship nature and despise technological progress.

    An artifact crashed down from the skies and destroyed half of the island nebag. Ever since the island is fallen prey to disease and death. Population of the island fled to the mainland.

    The farmers domain is working on cutting themselves off the traders guild, trying to establish an isolated community.

    The city of Global is currently undergoing a political crisis involving the Military Colony and the
    Traders Guild.

    Recent increase in dangerous wildlife and unexplainable sightings outside of the cities and villages.

    Rumors are circulating of a disease that turns the a healthy man or woman into a mindless killing machine.

    Famous inventor working on a 'crazy' labeled flying machine based on old technology. Recieved governmental support after showcasing his two-wheeled invention built to transport people and goods fast across long distances.

    Above mentioned technology currently rare and not yet commercially available.

    Rumors of a legendary assassin terrorize civilians and cause paranoia in major cities.

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