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    Updates 07/05/2014!

    Post by ★Yuki~♪ on Wed May 07, 2014 8:57 pm

    Legend: {PLR} Player | {GM} Game Master | {SYS} System | {NPC} Non-Player Character


    • SYS Stat Additions
    • SYS Level System
    • SYS Bounty Board
    • NPC Stat System

    {SYS} Stat Additions
    New stats will be implemented for balancing and reinforcement. You will have to add these to your character sheets. Try to stay as realistic as possible with these new stats and consider that addons, protraction weaves, clothing and equipment do not affect any of these stats.

    There will be 4 new stats to further help clarify what your characters will be able to do and what they wont be able to do. The stats are as followed;

    Endurance x/10
    This stat will decide how far your character can stretch their limits before things start going crazy. This stat is dependent on PHYSICAL endurance, and not mental, as the mental endurance of a character may easily vary from situation to situation.

    Agility x/10
    This decides how well your character can move, and how much power they can get out of certain moves and will also affect things such as balance, footing, and sometimes even running and often times jumping.

    Speed x/10
    This decides how fast your character does certain actions, may that be sprinting, moving, dodging, and so on and so forth. Speed does not affect things your character has been trained to do. For example, if your character has been wielding a sword all their life, they will have a naturally great speed when using swords. This is so that players can compare their speeds with other players, NPC, and enemies, to decide the outcome of the next post, or move.

    Accuracy x/10
    This is the ability to aim things like guns, crossbows, rifles, throwing weapons or even random objects. The higher your accuracy, there more skill you have when using certain types of weapons.
    Initially this was part of Combat but has been put aside separately for a more in-depth character build.

    {SYS} Level System
    After the quest Castle Vikuur, the players will have to level up their characters and advance them. Certain gears and stats will be significantly decreased, giving the character a need to train and tinker to make their characters stronger. These things will all be handled in-game and the game master will decide when a stat may be leveled up, though a player may ask to start leveling a certain stat or item.
    This system is yet to be implemented and may be subject to change as the story progresses. Try to keep that in mind.

    {SYS} Bounty Board
    Every City and some Towns will have bounty boards where the characters can accept quests and missions to do from the locals. The way this is handled varies from place to place but generally the player will have to take a look at the bounty board and will receive a list of missions to accept. After completion they will hand in the mission in person and receive their reward.

    {NPC} Stat System
    Non-player characters recorded in the database (due to someone analyzing them or asking for them to be added) will now also have a stat system. It will be based on what the characters have learned, and thus be loose at first until the characters have found out more about them.


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