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    Selene the young sniper


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    Selene the young sniper

    Post by TheWhiteRabbit on Tue Aug 22, 2017 11:26 pm

    Tell us about your Character.
    Name: Selene
    Age: 15
    Race: Rogue
    Class: Sniper/ range support

    4 Positive Traits:
    - Kind
    - Concerned about those she knows
    - Does her best to stay positive
    - Has only missed a few times. Only a few.

    4 Negative Traits:
    - When things go bad she may panic
    - Isn't good at any close range do to her size and age
    - Has trouble making eye contact with unknown people
    - Her personality while shooting is the opposite of her usual

    General Outline of your stats:  32/32
    Social: 5
    Might: 1
    Stealth: 6
    Arcana: 2
    Endurance: 1
    Agility: 4
    Speed: 5
    Accuracy: 8

    Describe your characters Attitude, Personality, and Looks:
    Her looks are her picture. Her attitude is usually more quiet and timid until she gets to know you. She has a soft and caring personality. Is willing to listen. Her personality shifts to a more cold one while she is sniping to be able to emotionally deal with what she is doing.

    What kind of Role do you hope to have in a group:
    She will be a sniper with ranged support. Using various types of magical crystal rods that she charges with her magic. Depending on the color of ammo she could deal damage or even heal you. Yes she'll fix your bullet wound with a gun.

    Give a brief description of your characters origin:

    What kind of gear would you like your Character to start out with:
    She has what you see. She has a rifle as well. Its a six round revolving barrel. She has a over the shoulder bag she carries around with her that imbued with magic to remain the same weight but much deeper. Its depth is about half the size of her body. The staff is a custom walking stick. No other purpose.

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