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    Mia & Reala: The Gemini


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    Mia & Reala: The Gemini

    Post by TheWhiteRabbit on Fri Dec 23, 2016 8:58 pm

    Name: Mia
    Class: Arcana
    Sub-Class: Red Mage
    Age: 17
    Gender: Female
    Profession: Causing trouble

    Social: 5
    Might: 1
    Stealth: 4
    Arcana: 10
    Endurance: 1
    Agility: 3
    Speed: 3

    Name: Reala
    Class: Chaos
    Sub-class: Guardian
    Age: 42
    Gender: Male
    Profession: Preventing problems

    Social: 0
    Might: 8
    Arcana: 3
    Endurance: 10

    Mia has what you see.  Most of what she does is magic. So she has no real need to carry much. Plus the fact that she really can't. Reala has the brunt of everything. Mia calls him her "Pack Mule". He wears heavy armor and carries the money. Less of a chance of someone taking it from him.

    Background story:
    Mia was born into a middle class family. She always had a magical affinity. He mother called her a miracle. Living on her own after the death of her parents in a bandit raid she has never trusted the shady type. Most times the trouble she gets into is with those type of people. She drifts from place to place using her abilities for jobs and assistance to others to help her survive. She is spunky and playful. Always full of energy and very out spoken. At her age she has been called perky by many.

    Reala how ever was born into slavery. Since the age of 5 he has been doing physical labor that has almost killed him if not for the help of his mother. After her death at the age of 15 he has since then stopped speaking. A personal choice, and the fact that his begs and pleads while in servitude always went unheard. By the age of 25 he was large enough where multiple guards would be deployed in his vicinity to ensure he would stay under control. He as well was born with magic, but very little. He learned to use this to strengthen his body in way of resistance from the constant labor and regular beatings. At the age of 42 he was bought by Mia. Sold by a trader after a recent outburst that left many guards broken and dead at his encampment.

    Reala was bought in a rush by Mia. She had slammed every coin she had on the table in a panic saying she wants "The biggest guy you have!!!" She was being chased. A problem she had caused. As she regularly did. By thugs and bandits. She had a habit of starting fights with those type of men who brag about their crimes and murders. Until the day she met Reala. Surprised at the amount she had the trader motioned to his men and out came Reala. In raggedy pants. No shoes, and no shirt. Shackled. She was scared and urged the men to unchain him but by the time they got the key ready the bandits had arrived. A fight would broke out if Reala had not stepped in her way. Snapping the chains that bound his shackles together and stepping between then men and Mia. I only took a few moments for the bandits to size him and and realize that he wasn't moving. Ever since that day the two have been inseparable. The outfit Reala has was made by both a smith and clothier whom they helped in the past. They eventually made their way to the academy because of Mia's interest in magic and technological advancements. As this was one of the few times it opens to the public. She wouldn't miss it for the world.

    Traits Positive: Mia
    Up beat
    Willing to help
    Has a bunch of energy

    Traits Negative: Mia
    She is young and inexperienced
    Has a tendency to start problems she can't "physically" fix
    Makes Reala's life hell at times
    Can get exhausted from constant use of magic

    Traits Positive: Reala
    He is loyal to Mia
    Protects her above all else
    Deals with her age

    Traits Negative: Reala
    doesn't speak
    has a tendency to run from a fight while Mia wants to fight
    Will ignore others safety if it doesn't directly impact Mia
    Tends to snap if someone or something hurts Mia
    Can get exhausted from constant use of magic

    Trivia: Even though Mia owns Reala by slavery standards she doesn't treat him as such. They are partners. Together the compliment each others strengths, and help with each others weaknesses. They wouldn't trade each other or sell the other out for their safety. The are in this together. To the end.

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