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    Upcoming move!


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    Upcoming move!

    Post by ★Yuki~♪ on Wed Nov 02, 2016 7:21 pm

    Good day everyone!

    I'm excited to announce some pretty big move. This is both a very good and a kind of inconvenient thing, I understand, but I wanted to address it regardless.

    As is, currently, the forum is incredibly cluttered and very outdated. I've been working on a way to fix this over the last year. Initially my first thoughts were to move to another website with more powerful tools and customization, but I wasn't sure with how many people had already registered and made characters if it would be a good idea after-all. However I've decided a little while ago that the pros definitely outweigh the cons and so I'm happy to announce that we will be moving websites once the tutorial for this current session has come to a close and the first quest starts.
    I don't expect this change to come very soon, however, I wanted to give you guys a fair warning in advance so that you are prepared and don't suddenly get overwhelmed by the sudden move.

    To go over some of the features; Here is a reference of the demo sheet.

    My friend Luna and I have been brainstorming on this idea for a little while and decided on this kind of design. (That being the front / homepage)

    The site will be a lot more oversightly and it will be a lot easier to find where everything is.
    All the sections will be a lot more condensed, which also means that we won't be needing to split up characters into, say, instance 1 2 3 and so on, as it will be based on location.
    The site will also be accessible from mobile phones, making it easier to post that way.

    Additionally, all the information sections will be condensed into a player's guidebook that you may reference anytime at all, instead of being scattered across the whole website.

    We will have a proper inventory system that I will be updating myself, which means you won't have to constantly edit your signature and character sheet. I will be able to do that all automatically from my end whenever a new post is made and the forum is updated.

    As well, all the character templates will get updated, more on that another time.

    Lastly there will be a number of bonuses for the chat, such as removing the unnecessary clutter like the calendar events, file uploads and so on. The colours will be more defined, named after what their purpose is, and can automatically be applied without the need of any coding, and there will be a whisper tag that makes only those you specifically include in your whisper message able to hear your character's whisper. This also includes me as the GM and any NPC, meaning what a npc doesn't hear, he doesn't hear, and can't react to.

    There are a bunch more things that come with this, but for now these are the more important things you should know about.

    Again; after the tutorial session is concluded we will be moving boards. You will have to register and post your characters again, but everything else will be just the way you left it, if a lot more improved now.

    If you have any questions or statements feel free to post them below. I encourage you to ask if something is unclear... until then I will keep regular updates here as the days go by.
    I understand the move is a little inconvenient for some but please understand.

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