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    A loving daughter and loving parents

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    A loving daughter and loving parents

    Post by Dr.Atrium on Thu Oct 20, 2016 4:03 pm

    Once upon a time there was a little girl. She lived with her mother and father in a quiet little town. She was a happy little girl and loved her mother and father like most little children do. She knew about some of the unpleasant things in life, but she didn't care for her mother and father loved her...or so she thought. For you see they didn't love her because she was their daughter, but because of what they had planned for her. They worshiped a powerful demon and they loved the demon more then their daughter.

    When the little girl turned fourteen, her parents told her why she had been born. While different parts of their cult tried to bring the demon into this world or tried to just gain strength by making a pact with the demon, her parents group had other goals. They didn't believe that the demon should walk on this world...at least not yet. Not until all of man knew of their demons might and strength and purge the world of anyone who didn't believe or tried to stop then. So they told the daughter that loves them very much that her only purpose in life was to be drained of her essences and be forged into a weapon that would be able to kill whomever stood in there way. So they tormented the daughter that loved them very much. Brought about a pain that in the end only left strength in her will and her mind. all through it they laughed and were gleeful as their daughter wept and pleaded for them. They said the same thing  over and over. 'Feel the glory and strength of our demon. Feel yourself becoming righteous because if our demon...our God! May our God guide you!" Finally they started to drain her blood. Her liquid essences so the ritual for the weapon could be completed.

    It was then when the daughter stopped loving her mother and father and realized that they had never loved her, all she was to them was a means to their goal. She became extremely angry and hateful but did as her parents wished. She lost everything she was and would become so her parents would have their weapon and kill for their demon...their god. The daughter poured all of her rage, all of her hatred, all that was mad into to that weapon. Every single vile and unchecked emotion she had was pushed into that weapon. It would seem she put her very soul into it. When the ritual was done and the daughter was nothing but a dead husk, the parents bent down to pick up the weapon, to use it for their goal. But then weapon burned them, burned their hands, burned their minds, burned their very soul. It plunged their minds into horrors that their minds could not even begin to comprehend. It stopped this torture for only a moment so the parents could ask the weapon why. "Why would you do this to us. We loved and worship the demon and held him high. The demon is our God. We even sacrificed our only daughter to it." They then heard something they thought they would never hear. A voice, it said. "You were my god. All I have done is follow your teachings of love." With those words ringing in their heads, the weapon plunged them deep into madness and death. The weapon laughing in loving devotion.

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