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    Updates 24/04/2014 !

    Post by ★Yuki~♪ on Thu Apr 24, 2014 8:41 pm

    Hello everyone,

    I've decided to come up with a few things to suggest and some other things to improve on the RP experience. Starting today I will be writing any updates to the system or suggestions within Update threads like these. The way it works is I'll be writing any changes or updates down here, together with a suggestion that comes hand in hand with a Poll. In this poll you may vote to decide if you enjoy or dislike the idea suggested by me or possibly even other users. Generally speaking, the topics are divided by four tags, GM, PLR, NPC, SYS for Game Master, Players, Non-Playable Characters and System respectively. This way you can see if it is something you're interested it or something you absolutely need to be concerned about or not.

    These update threads are currently in beta as is the general system for the RP and maybe subject to change.

    Starting with the update for today, 24/04/2014;

    • PLR Experiences
    • PLR Relationships
    • GM Factual Posting
    • SYS Quests

    {PLR} Experiences
    As your character progresses, its important to make notes of what your character has been through since the start of the RP. This is a rather loose list and anyone can decide for themselves what information they deem important enough to list. The idea behind this is that a Player can visit his or another's character database and view the Experiences section to see what NPCs or Characters of importance the character has met, or what situations they have been in that were important to the player and/or character, what sort of story-changing things happened that are of significance to the player and his or her character.

    An example would be followed:

    • Met <name> at <location>.
    • Found <item of significance>.
    • Run in with <npc-name>.

    Like stated above this is a very loose system and its more note-taking than anything but I believe it will help certain players keep a tab on what's currently going on. This is optional but recommended.

    {PLR} Relationships
    "I like you. But I don't like that guy next to you. At all..."
    This is a pretty simple line of emotions that occurs within everybody's characters. Some characters will seek friendship with another, while others will have an issue with one of the other members.
    To keep track of this I've decided it would be a good idea to write down a mood set towards different characters or possibly currently important NPC.

    An example of this could look like so:

    • <Character> likes <Party Member> a lot.
    • <Character> dislikes <Party Member>'s ego.
    • <Character> hates <Significant NPC>.

    Naturally this would only occur for party members and very significant and immediate NPCs and just like the Experience section would require A lot of maintenance and up-keep to make sure everything is up to date. This feature is not optional due to the importance of the party members relationship to one another and how it can affect or change the game.

    {GM} Factual Posting
    As the game master changes the game or adds and subtracts items, members, npc, events, people will sometimes get lost in what exactly happened. As such I have come up with a new feature wherein at the end of a Game Master's post, he or she is required to make a separate or even collapsible part of the post dedicated to writing down the facts of what just happened.

    It should look a little like this:
    FP Chatlog:

    • Group has entered <Town>.
    • <Significant NPC> has left the group.
    • <Character> has joined the group.
    • <Character> has been wounded in combat.
    • <Character> has found <Item of Significance>.
    • <Significant NPC> has died.

    And so on and so forth. This should help players get a general idea of what happened and help them analyze certain posts that have previously been unclear.

    {SYS} Quests
    Significant events or adventures will now be considered Quests. As such when a group makes their way to an important part of the story they will accept a Quest that the Player then has to write down on their character under the "Active Quests" part.

    Quests will be divided by Main- and Side-Quests.
    Main-Quests will follow the main story and contain most of the group gathered together on an epic quest to do whatever it is they are up to!
    Side-Quests will be menial small or sometimes separated Quests should a player or two break off the main group and want to continue playing.  Dual sessions between a player and Game Master will be held in Side-Quest 1 and require to be written down in Active Quests. Single sessions, which are typically stories written by a Player will be archived in Side-Quest 2 and are not to be written down in Active Quests. This will help create an overview of where things are at.


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