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    Oh hey Rauj... Wait is that my wallet?!


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    Oh hey Rauj... Wait is that my wallet?!

    Post by Hamma-Man on Wed Aug 24, 2016 3:17 am

    Name: Rauj (Hammer)
    Class: Shadow - Understanding
    Sub-Class: Infighter
    Age: 24
    Gender: Male (Half-Rogue)
    Profession: Thief

    Social: 0
    Might: 4
    Stealth: 5
    Arcana: 0
    Endurance: 0
    Agility: 9
    Speed: 9
    Accuracy: 5

    Hat/Visor (never removed unless necessary) Gift from his mentor, enchanted. When used in conjunction with his unusually wide collar allows him to conceal his presence somewhat. (will define the extent with a comparison later)

    Knuckles: Slightly heavier than they look, can inflict not only attacks with massive impact, but puncture damage depending on whether the attack thrown is as hook or a jab. Can be used in conjunction with...

    Spark Ring (Right hand, ring finger): One of his greatest finds and most prized possessions, he never takes it off. The ring is an enchanted artifact it appears to be a simple band, but if examined blue lightning can be clearly seen coursing through it. Can be tapped into to provide a limited charge of voltage to the user to be used however they wish. Enough to send a decent shock though a person possibly paralyzing them for a second... when used by one w/o a connection to arcana. Said to possess many more abilities when properly utilized by one blessed with arcana.

    Totem: Could be used for boppin' foo's, sure... Rauj uses the item in a slightly different way. When in contact with the ground (slammed down, handle pointing skyward) the sacred item creates a kind of 'battle field' for him, allowing him to move even faster within it. Field is about the size of a UFC cage. In order to work it has to be in contact with the earth. After being set, it is SET; as in the effect cannot be reproduced for awhile, and removing it from that spot will cause the ability to go into a kind of cool-down (3hrs) as it recharges the energy recently released.

    Belt: Possesses small inner pockets where he keeps various tools of the trade: (enchant-able lock-pick[s] for those magic infused locks, Shuko+Ashiko [claws for climbing walls hands and feet respectively], powders for smoke + flash bombs),

    Boots: comfortably hides small daggers within.

    Background story:


    Light-weight Leathers made to improve maneuverability as much as possible. Hide/Scale mesh boots for a combination of breath-ability, durability, and flexibility. Spiked knuckles are his main weapons and he wears them out in the open as a kind of warning, along with the rather large totem on his back.

    Rauj tends to be a bit of a thinker, so he usually allows others to talk and tries to keep his thoughts to himself.
    Mainly because his thoughts would more than likely cause fights.
    He is a rather level headed and intelligent, but tends to be selfish and blunt.
    He's also a bit of a prankster, using it as a means to mess with people and test his abilities.
    Extremely proud of his speed, he tends to make attacks that are two slow to harm him look effortless to dodge, which tends to make it seem like he's showing off, but in actuality he's merely using the most efficient way to dodge while burning the least energy.
    His belief in most cases is 'information is power' so he tends to be a bit nosy, finding other ways to gain more information if the primary is barred due to his crap-tacular speaking abilities.
    Though while he does prefer to stay quiet and think, he does tend to get bored of a topic quickly if there's no further input, so he might nag, change topic, or merely lose interest if he finds himself no longer entertained.

    Combat Preferences:
    Being a close-range fighter Rauj tends to get in close and quickly at that, but understands his inability to take a hit quite well.
    In battle you could say he moves like an out-boxer, waiting for his moment to strike before dashing in and hitting his opponent with and overwhelming flurry of blows, swarmer-style.
    Due to his need to get in close though, Rauj tends to be more of a co-operative attacker, taking advantage of openings granted by others or events happening during a fight.
    Solo or in a disadvantageous position he has no qualms about retreat, or leading his opponent into positions that would quickly reverse the situation.
    His speed and agility greatly assist in those regards usually though, as well as the various tools he uses.
    Rauj is less likely to charge headfirst into a conflict, instead letting the conflict come to him, or allowing others to tank while he provides hefty burst damage using them as a wedge of sorts, holding the door open for him to lay the smack-down.

    Height: 5' 10"
    Weight: 179lb
    Eye Color: Ruby Red


    • Already knows what you've got, where it is and how much of it you're actually carrying.
    • While you were reading the first negative he's stolen your wallet.
    • Isn't much for small talk.
    • Doesn't like being touched.
    • Tends to spook people by appearing out of nowhere...
    • ... knows this and enjoys it greatly.
    • Has a serious problem with locked doors.
    • Crepuscular (Is more active at dusk and dawn)
    • Is not too fond of eating meat (bit of a picky eater)
    • Territorial/Possessive
    • Gets Bored Easily
    • Tends to make and act on plans without letting others know what he's up to
    • Fears Rabbit-Rouges and prefers to have nothing to do with them. Is very on-edge around them.
    • Tactless, prefers to get to the point, which usually causes him to be blunt and upset people during conversations.


    • Always seems to have money... didn't say it belonged to him, he just always has it...
    • ... Nice enough to give your wallet back.
    • Good sense of direction
    • Traceur.
    • Always seems to have a plan.
    • Pinpoints foe's weakness quickly and efficiently
    • Focused
    • No Door is Locked to him...
    • Can See VERY well in the dark, overall very good vision
    • Heightened sense of smell
    • Heightened Hearing
    • Stays Cool under pressure
    • Superb Understanding of Magic theory, despite his inability to use it properly.

    Mildly unnerved by beautiful women, hides it well.
    Prefers not to kill, will if necessary.
    Loves a good story

    Personal Quote: "Its Better to Cross the Line and Suffer the Consequences then to Just Stare at the Line for the Rest of Your Life."


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