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    Dethrial, Son of Orneil


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    Dethrial, Son of Orneil

    Post by SloneHalcourt on Tue Aug 16, 2016 5:03 pm

    Name: Dethrial Atheriein
    Class: Understanding
    Sub-Class: Warrior
    Age: 23
    Gender: Male
    Profession: Son of Orneil, Artist
    Race: Half Alv, they call themselves "Voul"

    Race trait: As they were raised in fire and extreme heats that have a natural resistance to fire or hot things for about 20 min, over time he will get more and more uncomfortable and the pain will increase until it becomes unbearable pain or damage. This does not include dragon fire or other high power magic flames, though they will not suffer the full brunt of such attacks. He will also recover from burn or other fire related injuries faster than normal.

    Social: 1
    Might: 8
    Stealth: 0
    Arcana: 2
    Endurance 6
    Agility 6
    Speed 2
    Accuracy 7

    He uses two large square bars of iron that are carried at his sides, they also have a different composition than normal iron. Each of the iron bars rests in the grip of a set of metal hands one male, one female. These objects are imbued with a pair of souls of master blacksmiths from long ago and will form the iron bars into weapons quickly for Dethrial (in a matter of minutes, faster if need be). The hands can only forge weapons three times a day and if used in battle all the uses are used up.  He wears a full iron helm in the shape of a wolf head with a removable face plate, with a scale mail hauberk. He has an iron kite shield with a dragon design on the front. He wears heavy leather boots with iron covering the foot and leather gauntlets with iron plating on the outward facing parts.  Under that he wears a long sleeved gray-blue shirt and dark brown pants with a leather belt.

    Background story
    He comes from a far off land covered with mountains and volcanoes called Nortal, where the land is hot and harsh. From a young age he displayed a gift for art and creativity, he could draw elaborate charcoal pieces and build small contraptions. Dethrial seemed to be destined to be a “Hand of Orneil” or otherwise known as an artist or engineer, and because his blood line was so clear he was selected to have a wife and to have children. He grew up with his wife to be Neilm becoming best friends with her and his life seemed to be going well.

    But as luck would have it he was chosen by Orneil herself to be a “Son of Orneil” at the age of 14, these were handpicked soldiers who were giving great gifts and training and expected to lead and be great fighters. He despised this and even pleaded to be free of this task, but Orneil said he fate was different from what everyone had expected. As the issue among his people had become grave and the blood had become far to mixed and birth defects had become rampant.

    He was trained very harshly in the art of war and tactics and then was sent off to war he fought for three years on lighter fronts to build up experience and eventually was able to command a Company of soldiers. He faced many terrible battles that scared his body and heart before he returned home he was known as a kind and powerful leader by his men. When he came home he spent much of the time with his family and eventually made a baby with his wife staying as long as he could. Though he was sent off before baby was born he felt nothing but joy when he got the news but that joy was did not last long as the area he was sent off to was going to be one of the worst and bloodiest battles in his nations history, The Battle of Black Ash.

    The battle lasted solid year without leave and the many trials and horrors eventually broke his heart and mind, and he became almost inhumanly cold. His soft mind became cold, calculating and harsh and there was no more room for love, hope, and understanding in his war. He was soon called "The Iron Wolf" as he seemed to tear his enemies apart like beast and his soldiers feared him far more than the foes charging them. After the battle her refused leave on the grounds that he had more fighting to do and fought for another year on different fronts before being forced by his general and Orneil herself to go home. When he returned home he isolated himself from his family and young daughter and only trained and sat in silence for week on end. Eventually, his family and friends banded together worried that they had lost Dethrial and after a year of therapy and talking with others, including fights and multiple breakdown form his wife Dethrial finally opened up and fell apart, his broken heart spilling all his dark secrets and fears, though he was accepted by his family again quickly. He was kept home for a few months after that to just readjust being to having his humanity again. In this time he reconnected with his family and wife, but especially his daughter Cindisil who he seemed to always have with him to many he seemed to have come back to life.

    But as time war called him back to action and it was with teary eyes he left home for the battlefield once again. Many were expecting him to have lost his edge but to their surprise he could still fight like a beast but he had more control and fought with grace rather than wrath now he could encourage his men to fight like no other and was a great tactician. As the time passed he was called home more and more by Orneil and was given lessons to speak another tongue he had never heard of and spent many of his days reading and with his family. Eventually the day had come and Orneil had Dethrial come to her and she told him his mission. Dethrial, took up this mission with a heavy heart and was sent off to the place glayp'nier. He knows the common tongue of Gaea and little else of its people.

    He is around 6’ 3” and has short ash colored hair that touches his pointed ears and amber colored eyes. He has redish bronze skin and silver tattoos on him arms, on his right there is a powerful looking wolf that is shielding a man and woman and on his left there is a dragon that is surrounded with trees, blades, and books. He has very strong looking body and tends to intimidate people without meaning to. He can also interact with this tattoos and make them animate by sending magic through them. He voice is very warm and calming and contrasts his rough look.

    Traits: Positive
    +Quick thinking

    -Suffers from culture shock (almost everything is new to him)
    -Hates unnecessary bloodshed
    -Shy around foreign women
    -Dislikes belligerent, violent, and hateful people.
    -thin skinned but strong spirited  (Is easily hurt with insults, but can brush them off quickly)
    -Is spiritually sensitive
    -Insulting his Gods (He calls them Teachers) will quickly anger him
    -will not use other people’s weapons

    He can use a bit of earth magic
    He can speak, read, and write in common fluently

    *Large leather sketch book with charcoal in a metal case
    *Another large leather book for recording things
    *Cooking pan and tinderbox/w flint
    *Fishing line and hooks
    *weapon and armor maintenance tools
    *Heavy duty blanket

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