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    Forum Signatures (Must Read)


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    Forum Signatures (Must Read)

    Post by ★Yuki~♪ on Wed Aug 10, 2016 9:20 pm

    Just a quick thing to throw out there, I want everyone to have some generalized stats in their signature. There is a pretty limited space for signatures as of yet but this will help keep some oversight of your characters.
    For the future I have plans on making some neat little Icons you guys can use to simply things with BBCode but for now you'll just have to write everything manually.

    This is the format I would like you guys to use;

    Name(<Link to character sheet), Sub-class (or Title)
    Class - 3 most important stats (Soc: # | Mgt: # | Arc: #) etc etc
    Currency ##G, ##S, ##C
    Item, item, item, item, item, item!

    Make sure your inventory only contains what your character is -currently- carrying with them. Regardless of ownership. 

    [u][url=LINK HERE :3][b]Name Surname[/b][/url], Sub-Class[/u]
    Class - Stat: # |Stat: # |Stat: #
    ##    , ##    , ##    
    "Your quote here."

    Tenpu Reto, Professional Template
    Life - Soc: 10| End: 10| Acc: 10
    95 Gold  85 Silver  35 Bronze
    Curious Obsidian Key, Admin Identification, Cute Pink Bottle

    "Hopefully I'm a useful template!"

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