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    Neogaea II Prologue


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    Neogaea II Prologue

    Post by ★Yuki~♪ on Sun May 29, 2016 12:17 am

    Dec 30th, 2079, 11:55 PM

    A flash. Lightning pierced the abyssal sky followed by a rumbling crackle barely noticeable by the two men standing atop the last remaining skyscraper. A cough of blood forced Sues Martin down to the ground and he sucked the cold static air into his paining lungs. Blood obscured his waning sight as he stared at the figure before him. Another flash announced the striking lightning illuminated his friends face another time giving a strong, almost living, contrast to the dead lifeless eyes staring back at him.

    "You musn't!" he managed to yell with the last of his strength. The wind tearing at him from every direction and the blackened, star-less, skies were the only reminder strong enough for him to push on. With his hand wrapped tightly around his sword he finally managed to stand again.  "It is not for you to decide!" the deadman yelled back at him, clutching the crystal tightly in his hand. "It is not your business and it is certainly too late for whatever you Humans will do, regardless!" The thunder cracked even louder and Sues found himself at the limit of his strength, trying his best not to stumble and get sucked into the beyond. "Alyos!" he yelled, "Fenrir is destroying this world! We musn't let our quarrels dictate the fate of these people!"
    Finally a spark. Not the lightning dividing the night's sky, or the fires burning far below, but the eyes of his friend as he clutched the stone even tighter, causing what little blood was left in his system to bleed out of the many little cuts the sharp gem had dug into his cold hand.
    The opportunity presented itself. With the last of his power Seus pulled forth the artifact bound to his friends soul, plunging the blade deep into it. With a painful screetch Alyos fell to the ground, gasping as he felt the last of his life drain out of him. "You fool..." he moaned and clutched the gem tighter. "You were so naive..."
    Sues fell onto his knees above his friend, holding his hand tightly. "I am sorry, old friend..."

    Before he could speak any further, Alyos' eyes closed for the last time, his hand unravelling to reveal the bloodied gem. Sues could see the power swirling inside of the acursed stone.
    He turned, taking in the contrast between both worlds. Behind him, the broken and torn city he had come to know and love. And before him; nothing. The end of reality. The disappearance of all worlds and all things.


    15th in the Season of the Skilled, 6:35

    With a frightened gasp Hayato awakened from his sleep, clutching his sheets and sweating immensely. A sudden touch jumped him anew and he turned to face the familliar figure sitting at his bedside; His caretaker Mayu. She smiled at him, though he could easily see the concern written all over her face as she spoke, "You had that dream again, didn't you?" She gently ran her hand along his arm to comfort him. "Don't worry..." she whispered.
    Hayato shook his head. "I won't. Thank you... Please prepare my bath."

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