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    Ruhiel Cromar Isengrant


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    Ruhiel Cromar Isengrant

    Post by TheWhiteRabbit on Fri May 13, 2016 11:50 pm

    Name: Ruhiel Cromar Isengrant
    Class: Arcana
    Sub-class: Priest?
    Age: 24
    Gender: Male
    Profession: Getting results

    Social: 8
    Might: 2
    Stealth: 0
    Arcana: 6
    Endurance: 6
    Agility: 4

    Ruhiel has a three pronged blunt mace(I know its an axe in the picture), and a strong wooden shield with metal lining bolted on with a red cross like image painted on. He has a heavy cloth cloak with thick clock armor with chain mail underneath. He has an eye-patch over his left eye. He has a heighten sense of hearing with his left ear but is completely unable to use the eye to see with. Though his mace is wielded in his right hand he is actually left handed. He holds the shield in his left hand for protection because of his inability to see. The magics he uses are light based. Via healing and other things. I've based the idea off of the Darksouls faith magics. If you need a reference or idea of what I'm talking about just look up a skills colab from the third game.

    Background story:
    (the brief back story will be written as journal entries by the warden of a torture prison. This is still a WIP and ill change the title of the post once I've done some research on the world. If there  are places like this under cruel kings or countries at war let me know please so I can alter this.)

    Entry 187. Mo 6 Week 2:
     My day started with banging on my chamber door. The candles were burned out, and looking out the stone window I noticed the sky was gray. Raw cold weather. Just another awful day. I hear from the other side of my door a voice. Jack. He tells me the new recruit has arrived. New recruit. Haven't heard that in a long time. I've heard of him from people here and there. From the papers I've received. Information regarding his skills in our line of work. He gets results from what others outside of this hell hole have told me. He travels from place to place where information is in need of acquiring. I get myself situated and head out the door. Jack is waiting. Big guy. Burly. Loyal. A rough face. Scarred. Seen some action, and some things that would terrify normal people. Walking through the stone corridors I think to myself what this guy must look like. From the things I've heard he must be scary, intimidating and strong. In this line of work. Torture. Violent interrogating. You need to be like that. We round the corner. Our footsteps echoing from the size of the room. There he stood. What? I thought to myself. He was just a kid. Must be mid twenties. Barley up to my shoulders. Judging by how he stood he had confidence. Back straight, right arm behind his back and balancing his shield on the ground holding it upright with his left at the top. On his right hip He had a weapon. By the looks I assumed it was a mace. Three pronged by the looks. Meant for precision strikes. Odd for someone dressed like a white knight. Like a templar or armored priest. His hair was black with gray streaks through it. Natural? Hard to tell. He had a heavy white cloak and the basic attire you come to see on your average knight. Cloth, chain mail and a leather belt around his hips for the mace and random carrying pouches he may have. What struck me as interesting though is the curious thing on the left side of his face. An eye-patch. Must be from something in the past, but still that would be hard to deal with if the prisoner got lose in the midst of interrogation. He would be at a disadvantage from the start. He smiles warmly at me with a soft eye and introduces himself. Ruhiel Cromar Isengrant. Hell of a name. Sounds royal. Don't know why he would be here. I explain what we do here and how we go about things. He nods as I explain. Still smiling. The thing that both interested me and worried me is he was unscathed. I mean no damage to his body what so ever say for the patch that I could see. If its even there for that reason. Compared to the rest of us this guy is small. I've dealt with people with his size and stature. Both in working with and against. They don't last long in this world. I showed him to his chambers.

    Entry 202. Mo 7 week 1:
    Going back to this Ruhiel person. The new guy we got a few weeks ago. I've heard interesting information and rumors about his "techniques". The guys don't actually get to see what he does. From what I was told he closes the door. The guards in the hall hear the basics. Screams, cracking of bones and dislocations. The please don't and helps. Average pleas. Most times they talk. Other times when they don't you practically have to kill them and most times thats what happens, but you have nothing at that point. Yet from what I'm told. When they don't talk. It happens again, but worse. The door is locked, but from what they tell me but it sounds like the torture starts again. The person should be dead though. At least from the pain they should pass out. All they tell me is there is a light that can be seen from under the door way. You can hear the prisoner gasping for air. Then it starts over. Magic maybe? I didn't see anything that would resemble a staff or enchanting rod on his person when he first came. Even still when I see him in the mess hall or pre and post interrogation. Nothing. I haven't heard of someone who can bend magical energies and not use a conduit to do so. What the most disturbing thing is aside from me using that term to describe something thats different from what goes on here is when he leaves the room. Its painted, and I mean painted in blood. Maren the Butcher our best doesn't even leave that much. Or at least they're dead after. Thats just the thing though is the person is still alive. Stranger yet there isn't a scratch on them. They look better than when they first entered. I don't understand his methods but he gets these people to sing information. The rest of the guys have given him a nickname which is surprising because it usually takes a while for them to like you enough to do so. The Holy Chiorman. Coming from me with the things I've done. The people I know and the horrors of this place. Its disturbing.

    Entry 234. Mo 9 week 3:
    My suspicions were correct. He is a mage. Whats even more unsettling is. He is a healer. The thought of it sends chills down my spine. Very unusual. I had my speculations, and when I think about it. It makes sense. Its wrong. I know of other places that use magics to torture. Manipulating fire and other various elements to instill fear and pain into the person, but breaking them and being an inch from death. Finally being able to leave this world and its pains behind, and then boom. Healed. In which case it starts over. The men have told me recently that they only see this light once. Ruhiel usually exits the room shortly after. With the information he was looking for. What brought me to the realization was seeing it first hand. A fight broke out between Ruhiel and Maren the Butcher. Not good for Ruhiel. I wont contest with Maren, and I'm the warden. Everyone was standing around them. I fight through to see what the commotion was about, and when I saw I figured we would be seeing the last of Ru. Or so I thought. I was hearing conversations between the men. Maren was pissed because Ruhiel was not only refusing  to tell him his techniques, but the results were better and faster then Maren's. Maren is taller than anyone here. A giant to us. The only way to describe his size and muscle stature is a wall. He is a wall of muscle, fat and fury. He likes being the best. He yells at Ru. Flailing his arms about and boasting how he will break this little man in a wedding dress. His words. He shoves Ruhiel trying to instigate him to swing first. It always looks better when the one who swings first loses the fight. Yet the choirman just stands there with that soft warm smile. It ain't right. Thats what tips Maren off. He starts swinging at Ruhiel. who seemingly dodges him at every turn. Hell the men watching and the tables took more damage. Its like Ruhiel was dancing. Nothing Maren could do would hit. Maybe mere inches away but never any contact. Thats when it happened. When I saw how Ruhiel works. He slipped behind Maren. Maren twists his body to follow. Turning to the right he swings with his left. With the sheer momentum of the punch and the muscle behind it this would surely severely injure anyone here. If not kill them. Thats when he struck. My eyes could barely catch it. The roar of the men watching. The mayhem. In an instant Ruhiel not only readied his mace, but swung. At Maren's right knee. Light burst from the end of the mace and a crack went off of the knee shattering. At that moment the roaring and cheering stopped. Dead silence. Of shock and disbelief at what they just saw. Maren lets out an agonizing cry and goes to catch himself with his hands. His right hand hits the ground first. The image is burned in my mind. As well as the outcome. Another burst of light. Another cry. This time the right elbow. Not cracking. No. Exploding. Blood flew hitting the floor and the men jump to move. Bone and blood sprayed. Maren hits the ground screaming. He cries for help. Something I didn't think he was ever able to do. Yet no one moved. Their eyes weren't on him but on the kid. He steps on Maren's back. Maren in a desperate attempt tries to grab at him with his left hand. A mistake on his part. Down came the mace. A burst of light. Crack. The left shoulder was done. Cries of pain. Tears from his eyes. Something I never though I'd see from Maren. He cried for help on last time before Ruhiel started to slowly raise the mace, and bring it down. Again and again. Maren was fading. I had to do something. We don't kill each other. I was scared. Someone who wasn't even up to my shoulders just broke this beast of a man, and was about to end it. I mustered up the courage and took a step forward. My foot barely hit the floor before he heard me. His head turned in my direction. Not fully, but enough visually to let me know he was aware of my movement. Thats inhuman. I didn't even make a sound. He steps off of Maren. Fully turns to me, and I see a different face. One I have yet to see in the time I've known this person. Expressionless was his mouth. His eye cold as winter. Its like it didn't even bother him to do what he just did. He saw Maren as not one of his own. Just another victim. Our eyes meet. My body is frozen but what really scared the hell out of me was what he did next. That soft eye, and that god forsaken smile. He said one word. "Pathetic." Turned towards Maren and thats when he did it. That confirmed my suspicion. He held out his left hand and a white yellow glow emitted from it. Suddenly Maren's body started twitching. The elbow was reforming and reattaching. The shoulders rebuilding and popping back into place. His leg now fixed. A healer. He beats them. Breaks them. Then when the relief of death is right in from of them. He heals them. just as I thought. With us they die. With him they suffer. Until he gets what he wants. A loud gasp and shout is heard from Maren's body. Spasming. He raises his head. He is shaking uncontrollably. He looks around at the men who are shocked and afraid. Confused at what they just witnessed. Maren turns his head to see Ruhiel and panics and crawls backwards in fear. Ruhiel slightly tilted his head, laughed and returned to his chambers. Shaking his head.

    Entry 235. Mo 9 week 3:
    Before daybreak myself and 10 of my strongest wait outside Ruhiel's door. Nervous. Adrenaline fueled. We are ready. Intent to kill. We burst open his door screaming. Weapons drawn. Only to find an empty room. Gone. No one in the prison ever heard him or saw him leave. As quickly as he came he vanished. The papers I had of him never spoke of how he did things. I wounder if other places had experienced the same horror amongst the ranks as we did with this Holy man. Days later the wooden door frames of his now empty room were removed and the doorway was walled up. To help the men forget about the horrors they saw that day. The ignorant knowledge of knowing how he worked. No one ever speaks of Ruhiel. Though when the men pass by the wall that used to be his room the conversations grow quiet until they turn the corner at the other end of the hall. Some superstition thing. Thats how much fear was put into my men. The newer guys ask the reason they do that but its never explained. They just want to forget. My biggest question is who really were the torture victims. The prisoners? Or us? I pray with everything I am that I never see that man again.

    Traits: Positive
    -Interesting sense of humor

    -Low patients for ignorance
    -Loses interest in "boring" people (his words)
    -Doesn't like questions about his eye

    Trivial: A warm smile and holy garb are disarming right?

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