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    2.0 Known Races


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    2.0 Known Races

    Post by ★Yuki~♪ on Mon May 02, 2016 4:09 am

    Races in and around Glayp'nier and the East
    There are many different humanoid races that have been discovered over the many generations of Glayp'nieran existence, and ever more mysterious make-ups and fantasies.

    Born from ignorance, faith and persistence, humans make up the majority of the known world. They are fragile and unballanced but due to their innovative and resourceful nature are no race to be trifled with. Usually putting mind over matter the Humans have braved any and all dangers both in the old and the new world. As the physical embodiment of change and progress they put their skills to the test with a constant thirst for knowledge and efficiency and act as the moving force of the world.

    While by no means the oldest race in existence the Vescor race is just as colorful in variation as in power. Predators by nature, these mutations of the Human gene are incredibly skilled magicians, often choosing to manipulate and decieve the ones around them. Any variation of the Vescor race is driven by a constant maddening hunger, usually linked to each subraces own biological mechanics. Eventhough they are unable to reproduce they can infect humans, and only humans, with their own genes, thus passing on the affliction and creating more vampires. They are mostly hunted down on sight by Humans and have thus far rapidly decreased in number, even facing extinction.

    As an untill recently unknown Race there is not much known about these anthromorphic beings. Ranging anywhere from werewolves and talking animals all the way to humans with vague animalistic features like ears and tails this race is commonly known for their mischievous and often bandit-like behaviour, earnining them their name. They may not be cruel but they are a very selfish race that thrives on conflict and tries to gain whatever it can by any means necessary.  They have only recently been surfacing around the East and are slowly making their way onto Glayp'nier in hopes of finding a home to call their own.

    Often confused for demons the Succubus (Female) and Incubus (Male) race are creatures from old legends that consume affection and knowledge for a living. In reality they are related to the Angels from old mythology and feed on the knowledge and perception of other races in order to survive. They are very passive and highly intelligent creatures who live for thousands of years at a time, said to have been around when the old world still stood strong. Only a few of these creatures have ever been sighted. In the early days the infamous Succubus Cyuden'ee has said to been in an open relationship with the leader of Tanith before her inevitable betrayal and the founding of the military.

    The fiercest of all the races. Burnt cities and destroyed kingdoms tell the tale of their merciless and destructive nature. Once they lived on the land like all the other races, though in a holy war with the Humans they were driven underground by the four sages of the realm. Occasionally a few demons escape their underground prison, the underworld, and roam the land seeking their victims purely for sport. They are just as dangerous as they are varied and should not be trifled with.

    There is an incredibly tiny and finite amount of Alvs in the world. Supposedly most are pulled from another dimension whereas some believe the Alvs are the remainder of an ancient civilization that once roamed the land. They generally keep to themselves but without any exception all of them are magically talented.

    Generally speaking Dolls are Golems created to serve a master in a way similar to necromancy but much more humane. However in recent years Dolls all over the place have seemed to develop thought and a personality of their own. Now these creatures can be occasionally found in villages and cities all over the continent with some working proper jobs and others joining guilds or bandits.

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