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    Reymondo Vlček

    Post by Raymondo on Sun May 01, 2016 9:20 pm

    Name: Raymondo Vlček
    Class: Arcana
    Sub-Class: Demon Hunter
    Age: 25
    Gender: Male
    Profession: Demon hunter, Exorcist, Merc

    Social: 0
    Might: 6
    Stealth: 0
    Arcana: 8
    Endurance: 4
    Agility: 4
    Speed: 7
    Accuracy: 3

    Raymondo tries to keep himself as light as possible. The only notable things he carries is his families Lantern that is always lit with a glowing blue flame, and his father's scythe. Along with his fire-proof clothing, he seems to always have an Ayam Cemani rooster that fallows him everywhere he goes. The rooster is a rare creature that is able to use one of the elementals. The Ayam Cemani named Enkidu can use fire. Raymondo uses the roosters flames for his own magical attacks but if the situation needs a bit more, there is always the lantern. He also carries a Protraction Apache Revolver that was given to him by a man looking to quickly get rid of it. On his left palm he has a summoning pentagram, looks like the picture below but it is branded on.

    "So you want to know about my past?" He cant help but chuckle. The torches in the room was enough to show that he wasn't worried at all even though his hands were tied together and his arms behind him. "Well I guess we have a time. Where to begin..." He looks up at the sealing as he recalls days pasted by, he then looks at the person interrogating him.

    "You would think that growing up with parents that were rich would be all sunshine and rainbows...but My family were also proud fighters, and I needed to groomed to become the next line of defense agents the unholy abominations that hell has to offer. The moment I was walk, my training began fighting. The moment I was able to speak, my training in arcana started.

    When I was twelve, my Mother and Father brought me down to the deepest dungeon we had. From there I saw they had a small imp shackled to the floor. They pushed me into the cell, closed the door, and used some magic spell to free the bottom of the barrel demon. Using the two daggers I was given and my speed, I was able to easily able to skate around it and do some quick slashes to it. I could tell imp went into a frenzy when it was unable to hit me and start just lashing out as hard as it could. It was fighting sloppy. With a few slashes I sliced its wing to the point were it was unable to use it to fly. The imp started running around on all fours and clawing at me whenever he got close. That was when I learned a very valuable lesson...Don't get cocky. I threw one of the daggers at it, thinking that even if I missed, I would be able to still kill it. The imp not only caught the dagger, but threw it back at me. With a thud, my dagger stabbed into my left shoulder and let out a scream. I While I was in pain, the imp charged and tackled me into the ground. I was using my right arm to hold the demon away so it wouldn't be able to claw my face or chest. I looked at my parents for help. While my Father looked concerned, my Mother was stone faced and just watching, not batting an eye. I'm not sure why I even thought about doing it, but I used my left hand and reached out for the fire that was on the torch behind my parents. The flame raced past them as it rocketed to my hand. I them used what strength I had and pushed the fire into the imp's face. While it was riling, trying to put the fire on its face out, I moved in and slit its throat ear to ear. I backed away as the imp bleed out and finally died...My first demon killed.

    After that first kill, life got a bit better. My parents still trained me, but I was able to go outside more and we had a lot more family moments. I then started training me to use magic be it with my fire and necromancy. I was 15 when they showed up...I was with my father, we where out in the thick forest that is near where we lived. He had me out hunting for deer while he waited for my return. I was able to kill a rather good sized buck when I head the screams and cries of battle. I ran as fast as I could to make to to my father...but I was too late. I ran passed two dead men to get to my Father. He was on his knees, hunched over grasping for breath, his massive scythe in the grass. I could see that he as some bolts and stab wounds in his back. He looked at me and smiled, happy to see that I was unharmed but the smile quickly faded as he looked around.

    "No time for goodbye", he said as he faded away. "Don't put your life in someone hands...They're bound to steal it away. Don't hide your mistakes they will find you...burn you..." Then he said "If you want to get out alive...run for you life." He pointed at his scythe. "It's yours now..." He then fell onto his face. I quickly grabbed the scythe and ran home. Once I had told my Mother about what had happened and we both raced back. But when we got there, the two dead bodies were gone and were my Father had laid was no body, but a pile of ashes. I remember asking my Mother what had happened and who the men where that attacked us. I didn't get an answer right way, she bent down and scooped up the ashes and we quickly returned home. She put his ashes in an urn and we packed our things. From that night on, we were never in the same spot every night.

    It wasn't until later that my Mother explained what was going on. We where being hunted by some people that has figured out our family's most kept secret and why I was mostly lived in hiding from the world. Do to our long lineage of demon hunt and more or less bathing in their blood, our bodies had soaked up some of the demonic blood. Because of this, each young was increasingly more and more demonic. This was only a theory until I was born, with my pale skin and horn, there was no denying it. The people who killed my Father, are now trying to ride the world of our unpure bloodline.

    Life was hard, but good. I had taken what Father had told me and was no longer going to hide who, or even what I was. Don't get me wrong, I wasn't parading it around but I was no longer wearing long counseling clothing or wearing a hood to hide my horns. My Mother kept on training me, now focusing on using the scythe that was passed down to me. It wasn't too long after that she told me about the fancy lantern she always had on her, then passed it to me.

    When I was 20, I was out buying food for us. When I had gotten back to where we had been staying, I was horrified to see that my Mother was bleeding on the floor. I ran over to her and picked her up to hug her tightly, I could hear her breathing slowly. I could see that she was already starting to burn up. "This is the last time..." She said, as she faded away. "It's hard to imagine but one day you'll end up like me." Then she said, "If you want to get out alive, run for your life." I nod and quickly grabbed my things and didn't stop running until I was far outside the city.

    I spent the last five years looking for the men who are responsible for killing my family....And that is what brings me to you" Reymondo looks up and the man who has been listening. "It took some time but I was able to find some of the group, but you guys are smart. You don't stick together for very long. Lucky for me, you pissed off a few people who wanted me to find and kill you."

    It was at that moment that Reymondo kicked back in his chair. The chair landed with a crash and he rolled and got on his feet. As the man was rounding the table to get him, Rey jumped and brought his knees to his chest so he would be able to move his bond hands from behind to his front. The man swings a dagger at him witch he was able to dodge easily. Rey then focuses on the flame on the torch, he then uses that flame to send it flying to the man. The fire hits the man on the side burning him as he thrashes and screams in pain. Rey walks over to his scythe and uses it to cut the ropes that was tying his hands together. He picks up his fathers scythe and uses it to quickly finish off the burning man.

    Being brought up in a wealthy family, Reymondo likes to keep himself looking as nice as possible. All of the clothes he owns have been enchanted so they will not burn no matter how hot the fire is. He will always be seen with his family's lantern. Do to the nature of the families business, his skin has paled and he has grown a pair of blue horns.  

    Name: Agiela
    Class: Demon
    Age: Unknown
    Gender: Female

    Positive Traits:
    + He has a large knowledge of the tabo and occult
    + Skilled fighter, having been trained by master demon hunters
    + Hard worker

    Negative Traits:
    - Cocky
    - Quite stubborn when he has made a decision
    - Tends to go head long into a fight, not caring if he will die

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