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    Jack Sampson


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    Jack Sampson

    Post by dthvader on Wed Feb 26, 2014 5:56 pm

    Name: Jack Sampson
    Class: Construct
    Sub-Class: Mechanic
    Age: 27
    Gender: Male
    Profession: clockmaker

    Human form
    Social: 6
    Combat: 5
    Stealth: 2
    Arcana: 0

    Angel form
    Social: 6
    Combat: 7
    Stealth: 0
    Arcana: ???

    -finely crafted honorary combat knife: Distinguished by the high quality metal it is made from along the red and purple stripes that run across the blade, it symbolizes the military's gratitude for Jack's service as a weapons engineer

    -protraction weave gun: Disguised as a single shot ceremonial piece single shot medium caliber pistol, this deadly protraction weave absorbs energy from the surroundings, usually heat, and infuses the energy with a single bullet to do massive damage to the resipiant

    -Angel form: This form gives Jack an immense increase in movement and strength, but causes a massive spike in adrenaline that hurts his accuracy  

    Background story
    Jack and his brother were adopted as infants by gypsies with no recollection of their biological parents. From a young age, Jack began having vision of pre-Ragnarok Gaea. This lead to Jack to gain a hatred of the gods and magic, as he blamed them for the catastrophe, along with an immense obsession with technology from witnessing the technological utopia or ancient Gaea. After Jack's entire clan was wiped out by plague, his brother served as his parental guardian until his brother was drafted and killed by the Pagan Resistance leaving Jack a mysterious protraction weave as a memento. He eventually became a prodigy engineer and worked for the military designing weapons. One day, he received a mysterious letter asking him to work as an assistant on a project to create a flying machine like the planes from his visions. Unfortunately, He was targeted by the Pagan Resistance and forced to go into hiding as a clock maker under the name Sam Jackson.

    Jack is somewhat of a common bloke in terms of appearance. He wears a a proper suit, has purple eyes, a beard, jet black hair, and a scar across his chest

    Traits: Positive
    +High admiration of soldiers
    +Strong will
    +Versatile and able to adapt

    -Despises magic
    -Extreme hatred for the Pagan Resistance

    Trivial: carries a bag of fennel seeds where ever he goes

    Social Standing
    Jian Manchu-respect
    "The chap has a kinder heart than I ever will and he understands the pain of one's entire family slaughtered"

    Airgetlam Whyte-positive
    "She's a very nice lady once one get passed the fact that shes ass stealthy assassin with a deadly aim. I can't understand why people make such a fuss over that silver prosthetic of her's."

    "I like him for his slight resemblance to my brother, but there's little I know because of how littler he talks. Why is he ex-military? Was he discharged? Where did he get that blade of his? I think he's hiding something."

    "All I know about him is his deadly skill. I can only imagine the wrath he'd unleash if I were his enemy"

    Doctor Atrium-admiration
    "This world has been so cruel to that man, and yet, he still walks upon it caring for the innocent. fascinating"

    Hasn't met Clarent Aucoin

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