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    Frail Diary


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    Frail Diary

    Post by ★Yuki~♪ on Fri Feb 05, 2016 8:42 am

    It's a relatively old and worn looking Diary. It's frail and lot
    pages seem to have been torn out of the Diary or are simply
    blank. A few others in turn are loosely laid into the book. All
    of the pages are written in the Eastern Language


    "29th of Fire
    Its always strange to imagine what some people are capable of. When it comes right down to it, the emperor is cruel and all the world knows it. Still, he claims peace with this petty island yet only to send his spies and their hounds here. Can it really be a coincidence? Refugees going missing, among the people who support them, every day. Perhaps they're running off to join bandits or hide in caves. Either way I don't realistically believe in coincidence. Everything comes with a reasonable explanation and this case is no different."

    "14th of Trick
    When I came to this island it was as anyone else from the east. In reality I'm just another refugee. These foreign lands were very confusing at first but it's easy to get used to. But now look at me, the 'Detective', trying to solve other peoples problems under a different alias and while I myself have much to worry about still. These last few weeks have been very rough and I've decided to move down to Recudor in hopes of finding out more information about these incidents that seem to be occurring all over. Supposedly entire families have been gone missing there so there should be plenty of work to find."

    "17th of Bea
    The people here are worse than anywhere else I've been thus far on this miserable island. I can't say for certain if this is just my rage speaking or what but I can't help but be infuriated. My first month here and my place has gotten broken in to twice. Fortunately no one has so far been able to break in to my safe, and my desk seems to remain fine. Still, given they had tried to steal my diary of all things I suppose it only makes sense that it will form now on remain within my safe as well. I am to visit the Guild tomorrow to claim a reimbursement for my troubles. While I'm there I have a word to speak with Rapax Lux, as he is said to be attending some conference regarding the missing people and the security of the city."

    "18th of Bea
    The more I look into these cases the more I fear for my own security. I believe to have found out the identity of this supposed Itzel Felix. She honestly looks no more than perhaps 16 or 17 years of age yet she is a trained professional. She claims to be a self employed mercenary, but her actions and the bounties she takes are exclusive to the same few people and the same few targets, with exception of a few things here and there. From what I tell she is working here as an assassin of sorts but her ulterior motive has something to do with the White Claw. I dare not get myself further involved as it's pretty clear to me how quickly the local crime syndicates like to get rid of nosy people so I'm going to focus on the missing refugees for now and hope the trail doesn't go cold again. The festival is soon. It's the perfect opportunity to get out and gather some more information without the worry of coming on to strong to the wrong people."

    "24th of Bea
    I've been far too busy to write as of late I fear. The City is corrupt and twisted and I'm sick to my stomach about what I have found out so far. Oddly enough the lower dirt of society here seems to be more than willing to talk in almost unnaturally great measures, rant even, about any information I might be asking. But none of it is ever pleasant to hear. There is never any good news. I'm making preparations to leave the city alongside my newly met colleague. She says her associates a few towns over will grant me asylum in exchange for my work. I'm not all too fond of these people but it is better than getting killed off by Itzel or the Church for that matter. I'm really beginning to wonder what fate has in store for me at this point."

    "25th of Bea
    I'm having second thoughts on leaving the city. My colleague has become increasingly more strange over the course of this week and today has been the climax of this strange relationship. At the moment I feel more like a hostage than a refugee. Perhaps I should sell all my belongings and move back to the east instead. I'm going to meet her at one of the Inns in the southern district tonight to explain my thoughts to her. Tomorrow I will hand in all my information to the Guild. Better off with them, honestly, than the Duchy. Perhaps I'll be able to meet up with Sam tonight and get this over with quickly. But I suppose for now I have some bad news to break."

    The rest of the Diary is empty from hereon out.


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