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    Moderator Application Template


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    Moderator Application Template

    Post by ★Yuki~♪ on Sun Dec 27, 2015 3:02 am

    Copy paste this Template into a new topic and title it: <Your Name> Moderator Application.
    Do not make any changes to the questsions, only fill out the sheet.
    Do not make a reply to this topic.

    NOTE: Applications have to be re-submitted every 4 months.

    Moderator Application
    Real Name:
    Real Age:
    Active Time Online:
    About Me:

    Answer the following questions:
    Have you ever been in a moderating position, whether in a team, clan, guild, forum, or otherwise? If so what was your experience like?

    Why are you applying for the Position of Forum Moderator?

    Why do you feel qualified for this Position?

    How would you handle seeing someone abuse another member in a Topic?

    How do you react if someone asks you a question you do not know the answer to?

    When would it be appropriate to lock or delete a Topic?

    What would you do if a member disregards any of the logic or universal rules of the RP?

    Lastly write any additional information we might need to know about you, as well as any questions you might have about the position.


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