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    Post by Sojuro on Thu Jan 23, 2014 9:17 pm

    Name: Maigoyume
    Class: Understanding
    Sub-Class: Infected Stalker
    Age: 23
    Gender: Male
    Profession: Assassin

    Social: 0
    Combat: 8
    Stealth: 8 (In Dark Environments) 6 (Elsewhere)
    Arcane: 0

    Gear: None


    Skilled practitioner of Parkour, Greatly enhanced speed, strength, durability and cognitive awareness as well as reflexes. Hair trigger temper, tempered by his lifestyle in understanding the world and his own mind. Subsequently in a constant state of battle readiness. Skin has been turned into a dark substance that appears to grant limited protection against weapons and can regenerate, though he requires an extremely large caloric intake to do so, otherwise initiating the process would consume his own body and atrophy his limbs. Retractable spines dot his forearms, but his strength keeps him from wielding weapons because they break in combat situations. His instincts have been heightened to the point that he responds violently to perceived threats. Agility is limited by his speed as too quick of a change in direction will still cause damage to his brain due to the g forces involved in the maneuver. His body now requires only protein, and is immune to most diseases. His metabolism is increased and his body temperature now runs higher than the normal human body temperature due to increased metabolism.


    This Nebag native is a unique victim of the plague that spread across the country after the artifact crash landed. His skin has been replaced with a dull pitch black substance that gives off wisps of darkness darkness when moving swiftly, and retractable spines have grown out of his forearms  This substance appears to interact unusually with ambient arcane energy, resulting in 0 talent in protraction, but also gives a latent resistance to all effects protraction has on his body, whether it be beneficial or malicious.

    Maigoyume has medium length shaggy black hair and small thin frame built for speed and power. He stands at 5'5" and wears a dark hooded cloak. He is completely covered by gloves and a retractable mask which was looted from the crash site of the artifact. The mask bonded to his body during his 2 week long transformation into what he has now become. The previous control interfaces have interlaced with his nerves and he now controls it by thought. The visor hides his face from others to hide his face due to his similarity with the other infected that have now lost their minds to the plague. He has a tendency to take to high places and prefers to attack from above.

        +Extremely rational thinking
        +Constant state of zen
        +Plans out every move

        -Attaches to people too quickly
        -Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder
        -Reacts violently to perceived threats
        -Cannot experience empathy


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