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    2.0 Guide: Character Creation


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    2.0 Guide: Character Creation

    Post by ★Yuki~♪ on Sat Dec 14, 2013 9:34 pm

    Character Creation, Class Introduction
    The class system in this RP is not meant as a skill-set or limitation, but rather as a guideline to yourself and your fellow players. Your class is a symbol of your specialization as a character. Sometimes, your character will be treated differently by NPCs depending on your class. Your character will also have specialized events depending on your class and they also decide what role your character plays in society, but don't limit your character in any way other than acting as a specialized role.
    In order to achieve the most balanced play the players will have to decide to the best of their abilities what class their character(s) will lean more towards. A character specified for combat should try to stick to a class most suited for their type of combat, be that protraction or swordsmanship or gunplay. A character built towards socializing and trade will obviously be on the weaker side of combat, protraction, or stealth, and therefore should try to chose appropriately. NPCs will follow this principle and end up categorized in one of the six classes, with very few exceptions for the sake of the story or balancing.

    Every character starts as one of the 6 classes; Arcana, Construct, Chaos, Life, Shadow and Understanding. Each of the classes are coupled with an element that represents their strength. However this does not mean they can't access any of the other elements in cases like protraction or crafting.

    Arcana - With a natural fondness to the element of Aero, the Arcana class is comprised of intellectual magicians and protractionists. These are the sharp minds whose study and traditions keep ther art of protraction in the world. They are on the strong side of protraction, while lacking greatly in stealth and only a medium amount of social and combat skills. People like Elementalists, Witches, Priests, Pagens, Cultists and Summoners are all considered to be 'Arcana'.

    Construct - With a natural fondness to the element of Sun, the  Construct class is comprised of inventors and scientists. These are the people who are slowly but steadily moving technology along its way. They are on the strong side of crafting with a side of social but are on the rather low side of arcane and stealth. People like Mechanics, Blacksmiths, Tinkerers and Researchers are considered to be 'Construct'.

    Chaos - With a natural fondness to the element of Pyro, the  Chaos class is comprised of warriors and fighters. These are the protectors and slayers of the land, guarding, fighting, raiding and seeking honour in the name of their honour or who they represent. They are on the strong side of combat, some sticking to their sword while some lean towards the arcana side and others cling to the shadows. People like Duelists, Warriors, Paladins, Monks, Wetboys, Gunslingers, Riflemen, Hunters, Berserkers and Beastmasters are considered to be 'Chaos'.

    Life - With a natural fondness to the element of Aqua, the  Life class is comprised of every day people who keep society afloat. These are the farmers and beggers aswell as noblemen and merchants who build the foundation of world. They are on the strong side of social aspects and trade, some being acceptable at combat while others dabble in arcana to help their every day lives. Some on the other hand tend to live a bit on the edge, sticking to the shadows at night, while normal people at day. People like Merchants, Traders, Workers, Writers, Activists and Politicians, aswell as Brokers, Bankers, Innkeepers and Streetrats are considered to be 'Life'.

    Shadow - With a natural fondness to the element of Moon, the Shadow class is comprised of the invisible figures guiding and conspiring from the underground. These are the cutthroats and thieves who gather information, spy, and redistribute wealth among the people, namely themselves. They are on the strong side of stealth with a bit of social, but generally do poorly when it comes to arcana and chaos, though some have been known to take interest in the arts of constructs. People like Thieves, Spies, Infiltrators, Assassins, Detectives and Burglars are considered to be 'Shadow'.

    Understanding - With a natural fondness to the element of Terra, the Understanding class is compromised of the helping hands in society. These are the men and women who'se senses are one with the earth and the light. They are a mediation between Arcana and Life, focusing on control, nature, disciplin and spiritual bond with the world, but with only few exceptions extremely lacking in stealth and combat. People like Druids, Shamans, Pagans, Ritualists and Necromancers are considered to be 'Understanding'.

    In the original rule-set classes came with restrictions and benefits and stats. While these still apply they are less pre-determined and mostly left up to the players to balance. Your class determines what kind of subclass you are playing as. This can be anything you wish it to be, within reason of the original class. For example; A thief would fall into the 'Shadow' category, and would have to act as such. A Witch or Wizard might be an 'Arcane', wheres a Fighter or Berserker would be considered 'Chaos'. Try to determine to the best of your abilities what class you would fall into when building your character and when needed seek help from the admin or host. It should be mentioned that you do not have to play a stereotype in order to abide by this. I encourage you to play as whatever you want to. Again, this is just a guideline for players and yourself to get a general idea of where you are at in relation to others. As a notice; Your classes may be changed by the admin or host if inappropriate. For example, a Merchant whose focus is on Social skills and Trade could not fall into the Chaos category, because such is reserved for classes that are specifically geared towards combat, unless the player bases their design around them being a Merchant who is trained in one way or another to fight constantly. And in the same turn, an Elementalist could not fit into the Shadow or Life category unless specialized to do so. Mixtures of two class sets are possible but come with certain restrictions like the loss of specialization. For example a Shadow-Arcana may be mediocre at protraction and stealth but able to use a little bit of both. Keep in mind also that playing for example an Arcana-Chaos could be vastly different from playing an Chaos-Arcana since one is a mage-type mixed with combat, the other a combat-type mixed with protraction.

    Character Creation, Skills
    Each character starts with 32 points they can distribute into the 8 skills a character can have.
    The skills should be divided appropriately based on your class and subclass, but feel free to make some more exotic characters if you feel you can play them.
    The eight skills are: Social, Might, Stealth, Arcana, Endurance, Agility, Speed, Accuracy.

    Social is based around conversations, things like Bluffing, Insight, Leadership, Charisma and Convincing.

    Might is based around physical confrontations, things like Brawling, Hand to Hand combat and strength based melee or brute force actions.

    Stealth is based around being sneaky, things like Pickpocket, Slight of Hand, Information Gathering, Laying Traps and remaining Hidden.

    Arcana is based around magic, things like Arcane knowledge, use of protraction, protraction weaving, manipulation and summoning.

    Endurance is based around resistances and stamina, things like Carrying heavy loads or people, Blocking heavy blows and Withstanding physical and mental abuse.

    Agility is based around mobility, things like dodging, difficult jumps, high reaction time, certain exotic weapons or agility based combat and equipment and moving through tough terrain or traps.

    Speed is based around actions, things like how fast you move, reload, draw a sword, climb, reaction time and sprint.

    Accuracy is based around anything finesse, things like, ranged combat throwing rocks, spears, shooting bows or guns, aiming equipment and judging distances, and fine detail work.

    For reference, most normal human NPC will have anywhere from 1-3 in most stats. For example, a Worker or City Guard may have a 2 or 3 in social and a 1 or 3 in combat, but a Royal Knight would likely have enhanced stats, like a 4 or 5 in combat, and a 4 in Social.

    Character Creation, General Layout
    When building your character try to give vital information like name, class, looks, load-out and a general skillset and possibly a history of your character. When mentioning skills like combat or stealth try to answer them on a scale of 0-10. Be fair when choosing these skills in order to prevent Power Play. A generalized idea would be this:

    Template wrote:Name: Template Templar
    Class: Chaos
    Sub-Class: Paladin
    Age: 31
    Gender: Male
    Profession: King's Templars

    Social: 4
    Might: 7
    Stealth: 0
    Arcana: 2
    Endurance 8
    Agility 0
    Speed 2
    Accuracy 0

    Template Templar uses a hand-me-down longsword given to him by his now deceased father during the pagan uprising. The blade is chipped on one side making him only able to swing with one side of the sword, while he uses his kite shield from the knights of Teyness to protect himself. His armor is a standard issue enchanted plate armor of Gaea.

    Background story
    Insert entirely generic paladin story about a generic young boy who lost his father at a young age in the war, took up his sword and helped defeat the evil threatening his city, then joining the generic military of teyness and ranking up to become a paladin where he uses his tiny fraction of generic magical power bestowed to him by the generic goddess.

    Generic cookie cutter appearance of a Templar paladin.
    < Link of an Image > (Not required)

    Traits: Positive

    -Despises technology
    -Falls asleep on duty

    Trivial: Random information about the character.

    Character Creation, Wrapping Up
    Now that you have gotten the basics on how to make your character you can go ahead and create it and then proceed to make your first post. In order to get a better grasp of the world and its history maybe you should look up some of the lore. Try also collaborating with the other players if you wish and come up with a background of sorts. Perhaps your characters know each other already? But it's all just a suggestion. Once again I would like to stress that Power Play can easily ruin the experience for everyone, so try to post fair.


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